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The national media and the commentariat will be talking about the Sugar Tax tonight, as Osborne wanted, but there’s more to 2016 Budget than meets the eye.

Political Scrapbook went through it to pick out five of the worst policies announced today.


1. All schools will be forced to turn into Academies and no longer be under local council supervision by 2020.

This will:

  • make schools less accountable
  • make it harder for local authorities to allocate for education needs
  • expand control of unaccountable ‘Academy Trusts’ and Free Schools
  • push education system towards privatisation



2. Another £3.5billion of cuts coming

Osborne has ordered departments to find another £3.5 billion in cuts for 2019/20, which will once again hit unprotected departments. He hasn’t specified where the money will come from, either.


3. Higher house prices

The new savings measures today will boost house prices again, especially since the government has not done anything to build more houses

The OBR predicts that today’s measures will raise house prices by at least 0.3%


4. More inequality

Increasing the personal tax allowance is an expensive way to badly target help for the low paid, says Child Poverty Action Group.

It is simply not a social justice measure when 85 per cent of the £2 billion the Treasury spends goes to the top half and a third goes to the top 10 per cent. For every £1000 the personal tax allowance goes up, basic rate taxpayers gain £200, but Universal Credit rules will claw back 65 per cent of that gain from the low paid, leaving them only gaining a maximum of £70 a year.


5. Worse for the environment.

Osborne today announced tax support worth £1 billion for the oil and gas industry. This includes effectively abolishing Petroleum Revenue Tax and cutting the supplementary charge on oil and gas extraction (from 20% to 10%).

He also announced another fuel duty freeze.


Don’t let the media distract you from the real bad news

  1. rebecca dennett says:

    I lose all hope for my childrens future under this govenment we need jeremy corbyn in and fast 2020 cant come quick enough

  2. Steve Bolter says:

    This will take money out of classrooms and put it into the pockets the unaccountable overpaid directors who run the Corporations that take over the schools the public paid to set up.

    The transformation of Local Government Further Education and Tertiary Colleges into independent Corporations has caused the collapse of Further and Adult Education, with valuable courses declared uneconomic and closed, and with most of the Colleges outside large conurbations closing.

  3. i am amazed there are complaints.
    the general population voted in a general election and supported these policies by default.
    the current pogrom of social eugenics and crony capitalist based plutocracy is clearly what the sheeple are envious of. the desire to join the tory storm troopers of destruction overwhelms any form of moral hazard awareness.

  4. Cutting benefits to the disabled is a disgrace, We need to fight against such cuts as this will put the vulnerable at further risk. What lowlife would want to make life even harder for these disadvantaged people. I can’t believe we allow such policies to be made, what is this country coming too??? GET THIS GOVERNMENT OUT!!

  5. Continuing the redistribution of wealth from the tax payer to friends and family. This is not a government but a dictatorship which flies in the face of all professional advise and the House of Lords to further redistribution. The UK will soon be back to the 1900’s when poverty and early deaths were commonplace, education only for the wealthy and the streets full of homeless people. This is nothing to do with immigration but more to do with the contempt Osbourne and pals view the 99%.

  6. From a Scottish perspective, we are doing our best to protect and nurture our local authority schools, though money is tight.

    What is being done to schools in England is a disgrace, not only in educational terms- valuable property, land and assets will be handed over to the private sector FOR NOTHING.

    However, I am surprised that the most egregious and evil act, severe cuts to disability benefits to hand more money to the rich in tax cuts, does not make your top five. This will cause suffering and death. Osborne and Duncan Smith are callous mass murderers

  7. we voted the tories in and now they are doing what they said they would do, making the poor pay for the global slump, whilst decimating the public sector (who they view as an expensive and inefficient) and making everything driven by profits instead thus maximising efficiency in their view – why is everyone so surprised and appalled, they were really quite open about it and have never hid their intentions, and every single one of them won’t suffer any of the fallout because they have the money to pay for alternatives, if you don’t have the money and you voted for it …never mind everyone else that gets shafted, what were YOU thinking of???

  8. Why will the honestly disabled suffer?
    There are far too many dishonest scroungers in this country,living off the backs of those who pay their taxes,too idle to get off their backsides and look for work,the world does not owe you and your family a living. It is quite ridiculous to read so many whinging messages many of which are an insult to English language

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