Britain First

Demonstrators from the far-right group Britain First protested outside a mosque in East London today (in the rain) but were left embarrassed after hardly anyone paid them any attention.

Around ten thugs stood in the rain chanting “we wanted our country back” as primary school pupils toured of the East London Mosque centre, according to its staff.

The Centre posted on its Facebook page:

Another hapless Britain First protest outside the East London Mosque today. Last time they entered the Mosque and trampled over the carpets, before running off when a traffic warden approached their illegally parked vehicle! Today, Britain First tried to provoke passers by, as Mosque staff stepped in to keep the peace.

A staff-member also captured a video of the “hapless” protest

The footage features Britain First’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen, shown holding a cross and berating passers by.

She even tells Muslims they are worshipping a false prophet and should switch to Christianity.

She later asks the police:

“Is it within your job description to come and mock a Christian who’s preaching in the street?

According to the Mosque she then said to the gathered bunch:

“This is what’s going on in the world now people. In our country, even the police are against us. This is a Christian country but we’ve got our own police force turning on us, traitors to this country.

What a waste of police time.

  1. Yeshua ben Joseph says:

    I wonder what church Jayda “I’m a Christian” Fransen attends and how many times a week she reads her Bible or prays to her God? Call me cynical if you must but I think that Ms Fransen’s “Christianity” is entirely made up for argumentative purposes. I think she is about as Christian as Richard Dawkins and as sincere in her faith as Donald Trump is when he issues campaign promises. Clearly Ms Fransen is no student of history otherwise she might understand what imagery standing brandishing a cross invokes.

  2. At a protest against Britain First in Rochester before the last General Election, Jayda Fransen yelled at protesters “Take your masks off! ” In unison, several protesters yelled “You need to put one on! ” A truly ugly excuse for a human being, both inside and out.

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