Britain First

Thugs from the far-right group Britain First descended further into parody last week after they led a demo in Luton through their laptops.

Its leader Paul Golding and deputy Jayda Fransen tried to cover up their embarrassment by calling it a “remote controlled” demo held from their “makeshift command and control centre“.

The farcical event took place last week after Golding and Fransen were banned from Luton as part of their bail conditions after being arrested. The ban will end on 30th May when they answer bail.

The comedy duo had to resort to Skype and Periscope to communicate with other Britain First activists. The two are also required to attend a local police station every weekend to sign a ‘report card’ as part of bail conditions.

Today, a letter signed by the Luton Council of Faiths, Churches Together in Luton and a number of other community organisations stated:

We are incredible disappointed that Britain First have continued to disregard the views of the people of this town. The damage you do goes beyond the financial.

Luton is a super-diverse, vibrant and cohesive town with much to offer. We resent the constant attempts to damage the reputation of our town by portraying it in a negative and dishonest way.

Britain First claim Luton was a no-go town even though its activists roamed freely and engaged in discussions with local residents.

The video they posted was comical too.

Last week another one of their demonstrations turned into a farce when Jayda Fransen had to resort to berating a policeman for not being a proper Christian.

Could Britain First get more comical?

  1. I abhor Britain First. However all you have done here is share their propaganda rage than belittle them.

  2. … and very blind that you cannot see what is happening in your own country, you poor idiots, can’t you see Islam is anti Christian, can’t you see we are being bred out of our land. Stay anonymous and hide in your little bubble, because when reality strikes it will be too late?

  3. They were banned from attending, so used technology to keep in touch with the Demo. This is a good example of State run Propaganda. The state wants mass immigration and demonises or ridicules any one who dares to oppose it. Ridicule is a classic technique of propaganda. How is it farcical to use modern technology to stay in touch if you’re banned from attending. It isn’t of course.

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