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The Swedish Embassy in Britain has taken the extraordinary step of condemning the Daily Mail for its ‘propaganda campaign’ against refugees by misusing Sweden as an example.

A report by the embassy sent to the government stated:

Sweden is being used as a deterrent and an argument against allowing more refugees into the UK… The tabloid Daily Mail has launched a campaign against Swedish migration policy.

The Daily Mail characterises Sweden as naive, and an example of the negative consequences of a liberal migration policy.

The Daily Mail has been accused of running several misleading stories about the refugee crisis in recent months.

Last month the Daily Mail blocked Swedish users from accessing several articles for legal reasons, which was misreported by other outlets as Swedish authorities blocking the Daily Mail for ideological reasons.

The report by the Swedish Embassy in London added:

Sweden has been seen as a pioneer symbolizing humanism, solidarity, transparency and has risen above all the challenges that Swedish society is facing with the large number of refugees.

It has now sent the report to the Swedish State Secretary Hans Dahlgren, according to The Local SE.

Might be easier to get blood out of stone, than getting the Daily Mail to be balanced.

  1. Trevor Morton says:

    Hi to all the Swedes that might get to read this! Let’s face it: You’re such nice people! I so admire you and, of course, your countryman the Swedish Chef (of the Muppet Show fame) and his contribution to the policy debate going on in Sweden around immigration. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make a lot of sense to me which is due to my non-existent command of Sweedish. I asked some compatriots of yours resident in Blighty (England). They too felt the same abou the Chef’s views only they were jollywell unhappy with him.

  2. I am a Swede myself. Daily Mail is right!
    Sweden IS going down the drain because of naive politicians… who seem to be following a secret plan to ruin the country and destroy customs, traditions and culture.
    The economical situation is already disastrous, giving migrants more benefits than, e.g., unemployed Swedes and giving them free rides on trains, trams and buses which even poor Swedes have to pay for.. And free medical services that the tax payers have to pay for…
    The safety situation for native Swedes is bad and getting worse. Violence, thefts…
    Sweden has by % the MOST RAPES in Europe.
    And so on.

  3. The question is “Why is Sweden and so much of Europe covering up for the migrants?” Answer: Because it is part of the agenda to enslave Europe via the EU. The migrants are the “boots on the ground” to enforce ever greater tyranny. Because of this they want to minimize opposition to it. That is the reason that suddenly so many countries opened their borders and have covered up for the migrants. It is like someone above the supposed heads of these governments gave an order to his puppets to do this, exactly what happened.

  4. If you like it or not…
    Sweden has the highest rape numbers by %, growing violence and thefts.
    Women and girls are molested every day.
    Its economy is about to collapse.
    When DM reports these things, it is correct.
    I am a Swede so I should know…

  5. I am a swede to and I do not agree with the other swedes stating things. To start with Sweden is not going down the drain. Sweden has one of the strongest economies in Europe. Last years growth +4%. Women are very liberated in Sweden and the talk about rapes and other things is not true.

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