‘NOKIP’ Till Newark: Farage spoof video predicted Mirror Malta scoop

UKIP’s only councillor in Wales has resigned from the party over the parachuting in of Farage favourites Neil Hamilton, Mark Reckless and Alexandra Phillips for the Welsh Assembly elections in May.

Kevin Mahoney, councillor in Vale at Glamorgan County Council, will now designate himself as an ‘Independent’.

In resigning he wrote an epic rant against the party.

So much for doing politics differently eh, Farage?

It is with great regret that I must honour the pledge that I gave on national television recently that, out of a sense of preserving my own personal integrity and honesty I will not associate myself with those personalities described in the media, as candidates, who have been parachuted into Wales by the UKIP hierarchy in order to leapfrog local Welsh-based activists on the regional list for the May Assembly election.

The thought that I would ever sanction the candidacy of Neil ‘cash for questions’ Hamilton, the rejected-by-English-voters-at-the-General-Election, ex-Tory from Kent, Mark Reckless, or Nigel Farage’s very close friend and former PR media spokesperson from Gloucester, Alexandra Phillips, as being suitable persons to make laws that affect us all in Wales is too laughable for words.

I have regularly placed on record that, along with the majority of the British public, I despise the political class from all parties. I loathe their sense of entitlement and the fact that they arrogantly view local voters as being there for their own political career enhancement, hence the cynical and parasitical hopping from constituency to constituency, pledging their undying love for any area whose constituency party will accept them as their candidate.

I had hoped that UKIP would rise above the political cronyism that has always infected the other parties, but I’m afraid that this is not the case.

I have worked for a number of years to help to perhaps replace the shower of hopeless incompetents that currently inhabit the benches of the Welsh Assembly with a better calibre of representative. Candidates, I hoped that would would challenge the Labour party hegemony which has for so many years ensured the continual decline of standards in Wales.

I did not work to replace the current incumbents with those who are as bad or even worse.

I an delighted that my public stand against the political cronyism within UKIP and its national and Welsh leadership has resulted in a forcing of the decision to give the entire membership of Wales a vote on the list order which had been previously been denied to them.

I am also delighted that my own and others’ intervention this afternoon ( Saturday 6th Feb) has ensured that a unanimous vote of branch chairmen rejected the proposal from returning officer Piers Wauchope that UKIP conducts the membership ballot internally.

The decision voted on by all present to engage the services of the independent Electoral Reform Society to administer the list ballot I feel speaks volumes about the confidence of those present in the ability of the UKIP hierarchy to conduct a fair and transparent process.

I have done my bit and feel that I can hold my head up high in my efforts to protect the Welsh electorate from those who see the voters as a mere stepping stone for their political careers. I guess that the rest is up to the Welsh voters to decide who they wish to represent them after May.

Possibly my greatest regret is that for the first time since I became eligible 39 years ago, I will find myself unable to vote in the May elections, as I regard all the current political parties in Wales to be as bad as each other.

Kevin Mahoney

Former UKIP County Councillor

Vale of Glamorgan County Council

  1. Well said Kevin as for me in Port Talbot I can only vote for UKIP as all others are cronies but the best of luck in the the May election.

  2. Although I admire Kevin’s stand I also feel that his sweeping indictment of ALL politicians is unfair and oversimplified. In my experience, many politicians (certainly at local level) are sincere and committed to trying to improve the life experiences of the poor and underprivileged. Some unfortunately become corrupted by the political process but certainly not the majority.

    Nevertheless, I hope Kevin is elected as an Independent candidate.

    Ray Kemp

  3. Stephen Theophilus says:

    I also admire Kevin for standing by his principlines and resigning. The problem now is who can one vote for in the oncoming elections. They are all as bad as each other. I fear for the future in this Country.

    Stephen Theophilus.

  4. Daley Gleephart says:

    Sure, vote UKIP in Wales and get an anti-Welsh politician. UKIP voters in Wales thought that Kippers were anti-immigration. It must have come as a surprise when it was revealed that Nathan Gill MEP (UKIP) was a former slum landlord who provided bunk beds at £50 per week cash for Polish workers in Britain (See the Jac o’ the North blog and search Nathan Gill).
    It’s incredibly easy to fool those who are to the right of sensible.

  5. Bethan Jenkins says:

    No the people of aberavon have another choice in Plaid Cymru. Keith Suter is a well known UKIP supporter and clearly hasn’t read the letter from this now Independent Councillor!

  6. Anthony Roper says:

    Well said Kevin…It’s a shame to see good honest people like you leave the party…there are not many like this man who sacrificed his career in the name of justice for UKIP in Wales…we have never met but good luck Kevin…rest assured there are many that agree with you, and are still there fighting for the same things that you were fighting for: honesty, openness, fairness, and accountability…Good Luck

  7. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Thank you to those expressing support it’s most heartening, and echoes the many messages of support that I have received from all over Wales.

    I would comment however on the suggestion that there is another choice, thats quite right there is ….. the choice is don’t vote for Plaid Cymru AMs with drink drive convictions.


    Kevin Mahoney

  8. Cheryl Dobbinson says:

    I think it’s a shame that Kevin Mahoney has done more to compromise his own personal integrity by including personal insults, gossip, innuendo and the very evident vitriol in his resignation letter.
    Quite why he assume that every welsh person or every UKIP supporter agrees with his views on the people he mentions is a puzzle, does he not think that people can make up their own minds and make their views known through the ballot paper?
    Becoming an Independent will probably be the best way forward for Kevin, he will after all have only himself to be loyal to and only himself to criticize.

  9. Daley Gleephart says:

    Headline: ‘Ukip MEP admits he employed ‘dozens’ of migrant workers’
    ‘Nathan Gill defends use of Eastern European and Filipino workers in his family care company.’ – Western Mail 4 June 2014.

  10. The additional list is possibly the worst aspect of the Welsh and Scottish systems. It allows blatant nepotism and ensures that some totally unacceptable people get elected without facing the electorate. Smacks of the old Alderman system in local government. And to add insult to injury it appears that Farage is tring to parachute failed politicians from the other side of Offa’s Dyke? But then didn’t we all know that UKIP is really a one man band, lead by a tuneless individual.

  11. Daley Gleephart says:

    @Andrew wood.
    Agreed. The d’Hondt system ensures that even trash like UKIP are in with a good chance of getting a seat.
    It’s not the total vote for each political party in the regional list that matters the most. What matters is how many constituency seats each party wins in the region.
    If a party wins one constituency seat, their regional vote is divided by two.
    Two seats means their regional vote is divided by three.
    Labour had the most regional voted in South West Wales but their total vote was divided by eight because Labour had seven constituency seats within that region.
    In most cases, voting Labour on the regional list is a wasted vote.
    If Carwyn Jones and Labour Wales want to keep UKIP out of the Welsh Assembly, they should urge their supporters to vote tactically in the regional lists.

  12. Cheryl Dobbinson says:

    @Andrew Wood
    Makes me laugh “Farage is trying parachute failed politician in from the other side of Offa’s Dyke” actually it is the UKIP NEC who is trying to put forward as many candidates as possible. Do you think other parties don’t do the same including which ever one you support? Really?
    Neil Hamilton was born and grew up in Wales. So was Alexandra Phillips, Mark Reckless is an experienced MP who is the Director of Policy for UKIP.

    @Daley Gleephart? you call UKIP scum and suggest Labour urge their supporters to vote tactically….is that the same as vote fixing either way it sounds underhanded!

  13. anonymous for obvious reasons says:

    Kevin is a great guy and will be missed. I hope he will be back in UKIP soon. He isn’t our only Councillor in Wales. I can name three more that I know personally. Ironically, Kevin may have fallen foul of a misinformation campaign being run by anti-Farage elements within the party.

  14. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Thank you for your comments but I should point out that I certainly haven’t fallen foul of any misinformation campaign and am fully in possession of the facts as enacted behind the scenes including the laughable public claims by Nathan Gill and Farage that they fought for a members vote.

    In regards to Cheryl’s points I’m afraid to disappoint you but Alexandra Phillips whose twitter account until just recently was of course ‘Gloucester Alex’ to reflect her true heritage and loyalties, is not Welsh and is so concerned about her Welsh values that she of course applied for the candidacy of a Gloucester seat at the general election being rejected by the local branch members who didn’t have a clue who she was.

    Neil Hamilton of course who has never lifted a finger to promote UKIP in Wales ( thankfully) hawked himself around Boston, Basildon, Thurrock and other East of England seats during selection for the General election instead of his recently rediscovered beloved Wales.

  15. Kevin Mahoney says:

    As regards other UKIP councillors in Wales there are now none at County Council level and there have never been four as claimed in the above post.

  16. This is one of the reasons I would never vote UKIP. Any Party who has Neil Hamilton and his obnoxious wife running for Parliament within it is beyond comprehension. Hamilton and his wife are both money grabbing Tories at heart, and always will be!

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