Lonely elderly person

A top local Tory has shocked a council chamber by demanding that a meals on wheels service be axed — suggesting instead that vulnerable elderly and disabled residents should make do with cold meals delivered by Tesco.

Deriding the £5-per-day cost of a service which helps keep people out of expensive residential care, Hammersmith councillor and wannabe MP Greg Smith — who sits on the board of the Official Thatcher Fan Club and is pictured with Maggie herself here — sneered:

“It would actually be cheaper to order the Tesco Finest or the luxury Waitrose microwave meals and have them delivered without the users having to pay anything at all.

Clueless Smith has — somewhat impressively — managed to be a councillor for a decade without ever realising that users of such services must first have their needs assessed under the Care Act. In the case of meals on wheels this means that they literally can’t cook.

“If you are unable to heat up frozen meals yourself, and have no-one to prepare meals for you, you may be able to receive assistance from your local council’s meals service

“Depending on the overall level of support that you need you may be eligible for a meal service following an assessment from your local council.

“I warn you not to fall ill. And I warn you not to grow old.”

  1. I am disgusted. This “man” should resign in shame. The elderly have paid all their taxes and have kept the likes of this cretin in a job. He owes the elderly people of Hammersmith and Fulham an apology before resigning.

  2. Let this fool eat cold meals and see if he likes it. The Tories don’t use their brains or common sense. Sad specimens of sorry to say human beings.

  3. Maybe if we weren’t subsidising the meals in the House of Commons the council would have more money for the people unable to cook for themselves.Of course the fat cats in parliament couldn’t do without their al-a-carte menus.

  4. Why should anyone be surprised.
    Its very typical tory thinking.
    Most tories don’t broadcast their views ,but its what most of them think,remember tories hate people who do not generate wealth.
    Someone said he should be ashamed , not a chance ,tories have no morals and no shame.

  5. SHEILA HAWKEN says:

    Obviously he has little knowledge of the reality for many disabled people is that many cannot use a microwave safely , nor lift out and carry a meal.A TESCO delivery person is not adequate for this service. If people could manage then they may already be ordering Wiltshire Farm Foods orOakhouse frozen meals or family might buy cheaper good ones from Lidls etc, but the most vulnerable need a decent meal provided for them.

  6. Please, please, lets find away to rid ourselves of that awful party so they never darken the political landscape of Britain ever ever again. Fucking retards….the lot of them.

  7. Typical little Goblin of a Tory, no respect or compassion for anyone except his overlords…wants to earn some brownie points by suggesting ways to kill off more of the needy….he’s nothing but a disgusting wanna be toff.

  8. This guy hasn’t got a clue. He must have came up with that load of bullshit after a few bottles of wine.Pity he didn’t research what he was going to speak about. Bloody idiot.

  9. I don’t think these idiots realise if they keep going like this by continually infuriating and winding people up with this stuff they are going to end up in a bad way in hospital.

  10. I am surprised this out-of-touch tit is allowed into the council chamber for council meetings after uttering such uninformed drivel. I hope he never finds himself in the situation of having to rely on others to cook his meals for him, e.g. after a stroke, because, then, he will realise just what a valuable service meals-on-wheels is and just how much money it saves in the long-run through people staying in their homes and not being residents in expensive care home. He needs to remove his head from the lower reaches of his alimentary canal and see things as they really are, not as in the Conservatives’ utopian fantasy.

  11. I am sick and tired of the damn Tories making cuts to vulnerable people, when the MP’s of this country will think nothing of ordering meals in at ridiculous prices, that get £200 quid every time they enter the houses of parliament, some of which do that many times a day 5 visits in a day = £1000, as well as claiming all-sorts of perks.. Think of the money that would be saved if you all took a pay cut and gave up those perks.. And if you all paid the right amount of Tax as you should do.. We the regular Joe Bloggs on the street that keep this country afloat, and keeps all you Tory Morons in the style that you have become accustomed to.. You make me sick.. You have know idea of how real people live day to day, scratching pennies to pay bills or feed and house themselves. You don’t know you are born.

  12. well as if anything a tory said was a surprise these days remind me isn’t this how the Nazi party got started by getting rid of the weak and vulnerable then turning the nation against all those who didn’t tow the party line xx

  13. Where do some of you get the idea that this is Tory thinking?? I suppose I could be called a Tory, and I think that this guy’s idea has risen out of total ignorance. My suggestion would be that he spend a week with a Meals on Wheels team and then he would see what a vital service it is.

  14. He should be told that meals on wheels deliver HOT food to the elderly and infirm who are too frail to USE a bloody microwave!! I often think, yeah would you prefer the old and disabled should all just DIE already and slash the care budget for you??

  15. I don’t really see why the government would want to stop this. Where I live in Fife we pay for the meals on wheels food, you buy the food tickets weekly or monthly. I actually think for the few that can heat food themselves but unable to prepare, would prob have the same cost from one Tesco delivery of 7 microwave meals a week.
    All six and half a dozen. The government don’t make or loose from meals on wheels!!!

  16. I used to have meals on wheels i was paralyzed from the neck down and had to learn to walk again.Every time i twist my ankle i am paralyzed from the waist down so i have meals on wheels as unable to carry a plate.I was in my early thirties.

  17. Karen Brown we dont think we know it is tory thinking! Look at how they are punishing the sick the vulnerable the disabled,look at how many people have ended their lives because of sanctions.people going without heating & food.we have foodbanks for goodness sakes,they are evil murderers

  18. I was paralyzed when i was 22 years old.I was paralyzed from the neck down in my early 30s.I twist my ankle i am paralyzed from the waist down.I cannot carry a plate when i am paralyzed.Meals on wheels please keep i do not know when i will need them..

  19. So they gonna fund careers to come in and cook then ? What an insensitive, nasty man. Id love to be in control when he needs warm food and cant do it himself. Id say jog on eat ya cold baked beans and shut up. They won’t be satisfied till they kill off the elderly, the sick and disabled! ! Vote to come out the EU, and kick the tories out. Bunch of arrogant school boys.

  20. Thing I they will never feel how they have made our elderly and disabled feel , cos they will be funded by the tax payers for life. I think he should go get a job on tescos and have some normality back in his life.

  21. Well, it’s an interesting set of comments, mostly to the tune of the fact that Cllr. Greg Smith is speaking out of his anus.I wonder how he feels about the £11000 rise for MP’s and another £1000 this year, plus all the expenses that most of his buddies in parliament claim,the taxpayer paying Osborne’s mortgage, no comment from him! Yes some people CAN reheat meals but for those that can’t MOW is the only time they may get a hot meal and they are assessed under the Care Act,so Cllr Smith just get out of your nice warm comfortable home and fresh cooked meals and spend a week with the MOW delivery people. You sir are a hypocrite in tune with Cameron,Osborne Duncan Smith and Hunt.

  22. Dave Waterson says:

    What is really frightening me is the fact that this sad excuse of a man keeps being elected. Who are the people that keep voting for him? Are there really people so stupid walking our streets?
    Mmmmm……sounds like a possible horror film….

  23. william bidwell says:

    He’s talking out of his ass they treat the poor badly they get there pay rise on the head of the poor laughing all the way to the bank want to get there heads from down there asses

  24. Typical Tory absolutely no respect for fellow human beings fuckin tory shit isn’t it strange that when it comes to dropping bombs or renewing Trident money is no longer a problem!!!!!!!!!

  25. It seems to be a Job requirements for the Tories, that you possess neither Morals nor any form Of Human decency or empathy but we shouldn’t be surprised his Idol Thatcher possessed none of these qualities

  26. c. leversedge: I say again that it is NOT Tory thinking. It was the view of one man who regrettably is a member of the Conservative Party. Every party has it’s share of absolute d*cks!

  27. Does any-know how to get these tory scum out before they totally devastate everybody’s lives and make more children homeless and more people into poverty.Why are they allowed to do these terrible things to the disabled,the poor,our ex servicemen and the elderly.please someone find a way to stop these tory bastards.

  28. I DO NOT AGREE WITH ONE WORD HE SAID..Right that said now to my point. Those who wrote on their ballot sheet NONE OF THE ABOVE DUE TO TOTAL INCOPMITANCE. WERE RIGHT..But enough twats voted in the toreys.maybe next vote more people will vote N.O.T.A.D.T.T.I. One can only dream.

  29. Michelle williams says:

    Now that the blood sucking Tories are in power they intend to change the voting regions in such a way that they will win every future election. We will never be rid of these bastards.
    The other thing about meals on wheels is that the person who delivers the meals might be the only person the recipient sees everyday.

  30. I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s already like that in other parts of the country. Here in Manchester the only reason I can eat is that my GP managed to argue my care agency and local adult social care into giving me a 30-minute tea call every day, and I do order in frozen meals from Tesco because that’s about all I can do. I can reheat them on a good day, but I can’t keep my balance while carrying them to the table without spilling hot food on myself, and I often wouldn’t remember to actually get up and even microwave a meal thanks to cognitive impairment. Before my teatime care visit was instated I was ending up having to throw half my food away because I did get it into the microwave but then forgot it was there — that’s what my short-term memory loss is like.

    These people have no concept of life with disabilities or impairments, and they don’t care. For the person claiming this is not a broad Tory view – you’re deluded. They’ve been trying to kill us off indirectly for years now.

  31. they will be putting us all in gas chambers next and gassing us to death these tories should be convicted of all the heinous crimes they have committed and the money gained through there years of service should be seized and go for compensation to all the people affected they cant get off with this forever and a day will come when karma will come and kick there ass

  32. Let us vote the Tories out of office , they are supposed to be looking after the peoples interests not their own , which I am of the strong opinion is their attitude – to look after number one first .

  33. I agree with Karen that this is not necessarily Tory thinking. . It is the words of an ignorant, stupid bad egg within the Tory party. . Many years ago I worked delivering Meals on Wheels in a somewhat ‘rough’ part of Edinburgh. . I was totally horrified and often frightened by some of the things that I saw and heard. . We weren’t supposed to stop and chat, but I often stole a few minutes if I could. . I was often the only person these people saw most days and on several occasions I became the only person who reported the need for help. . This contact with the ‘outside world’ can be a lifesaver for some. . I DO hope that the service continues.

  34. Sounds like a very good idea to me. I bet Waitrose food is twice as good as the slop that gets delivered now as well as being half the price. If you haters had even read what he said this is only for people who could microwave it themselves. No one would be eating it cold and anyway the stuff that is delivered now would be cooked an hour ago and and siting in some hot bag steaming away. Fresh from the microwave would be a much better option. If this idea strikes you as evil then you are just a cunt..

  35. there would be no such thing as the torys if these pain in the Arse old people hadn’t won the war!!! Unbelievable truly !!! Tosses with their 80k wage packet they wouldn’t have if they were forced to speak German makes me soooo angry

  36. If a care home only served cold food it would be closed down. the same applies to leaving people bed for 12 hours with no help to get to the toilet or change an incontinence pad. The same standards must apply whoever is responsible for care arrangements.

  37. The elderly have not only paid taxes most of their life like my mum but they have been through a war and have had bombs dropped over them through another war they didn’t ask for.

  38. Georgina hall says:

    Another farce to say the least
    I hope when mr Cameron or his family get to the stage where he requires help, alone and unable to do things for himself that someone would care, meals on wheels is a vital service for those who remain independent and in there own home, the next pile of **** probably to come out is all the elderly will have to go in a home, perhaps is me Cameron concentrated on the uk and the people suffering here instead of poking his nose in to other places business so many people who live here would respect him more – stop taking from many who have served this country to get it to where we are now and actually help them!! Why not take from the politicians that have umteen houses,put in for expensives they really don’t need
    Shame on you Cameron

  39. Merril Richards says:

    How can so many people, commenting here, be disputing this chaps superior
    knowledge ? He wears a jolly good suit and a tie, AND sings the National Anthem, loudly, AND IS A TORY elected for years to the council. He loves Thatcher. And Camoron must love him – all’s well, for him, in his world. As it must also be for the strangely unaware people here trying to deny that this is typical Tory thinking. It’s the Tory Government approved thinking – they were voted in by the typical Tory voters, who will probably continue to vote for them regardless, and will also continue to support this outstanding example of Tory kindness, courage and intellect.

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