Google and Kevin the Teenager

“We must remember that Google was founded in 1998, that makes it a teenager,” said Tory MP Nigel Huddleston yesterday in the House of Commons.

As other MPs looked on in confusion, he added:

“And like many other internet companies, they’re also teenagers. Teenagers make mistakes, they need guiding.”

It was a debate on tax avoidance, focusing primarily on Google and its ‘sweetheart tax deal’ with Chancellor George Osborne.

By this time, some MPs were audibly shocked that anyone would advance such an argument. But the Worcestershire MP bravely soldiered on.

And it is up to us, the responsibility of a responsible parent, to make sure that we reset the ground rules”

Brave to blame fellow MPs instead of tax avoiding companies.

Perhaps he could also have a chat with colleagues from his previous career.

Before he was elected to Parliament in 2015 (does that make him 6 months old?) Huddleston was Industry Head of Travel at … Google.

  1. I’m in the process of degoogling.

    I no longer using Google Chrome I took Google search off the list of search engines on my new browser. It didnt take long and I know I will soon get used to it.

    The only thing these folks understand is the words “Good-bye”.

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