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This sounds like a bit of a joke, but it isn’t.

The Independent reports this morning that local councils, public bodies and even student unions are to be banned by law from boycotting “unethical” companies, as part of a controversial crackdown being announced by the Government.

Under the plan all publicly funded institutions will lose the freedom to refuse to buy goods and services from companies involved in the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products or Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank

A publicly funded institution could also include a charities.

So, under this proposed law a charity campaigning against the arms trade or for the environment could be banned from refusing to work with arms or oil companies.

As a Labour spokesperson points out:

This Government’s ban would have outlawed council action against apartheid South Africa.

Some also say the plan would be unworkable since local councils don’t always directly control their pension funds. Paul Cotterill on Twitter:

Tory plan is to amend Local Govt Pension Scheme Regs 2009, but councils do not (generally) run their own pension funds.

That is, there are 90 regional pension funds, so it would be legally impossible to sanction LAs for decision they don’t make.

The government claims that boycotts of specific countries (such as Israel) could breach trade agreements and “weaken community relationships”.

Here’s some background info. Recently, Osborne announced he planned to “take effective control of the nation’s local government pension schemes” to direct them to invest in his pet infrastructure projects. The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) money comes directly from contributions of employees and employers, not taxpayers, and covers the pensions for five million Britons.

But, EU law forbids this. As UNISON pointed out to us, EU IORP [Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision] says that governments cannot tell pensions what to invest in. So Osborne’s plan isn’t even legally sound.

The government is already stopping MPs from finding out where their pension money is spent. Now it wants to do the same for other pension funds.

That still doesn’t explain why any body that gets public money has to follow the government’s line however.

So much for the Tory committment to localism, devolution or even free speech.

  1. Sandra Streeting says:

    I am slowing watching my beautiful country die. My right to have a say in how it is run is fast disappearing. I risk public disapproval if I show open loyalty to my country (flags etc.) I am not an extremist in any sense just an average British woman who wants to keep our democracy and freedoms intact, after all we fought and died to keep this country free from dictators and suddenly I find myself watching, what we spent hundreds of years achieving, eroding away. First the EU take our laws and make a mockery of them and then our own Government try to take our rights to have a MORAL AND ETHICAL stance in our own communities.

  2. Willie Mckenna says:

    The promise of being the most ooen and transparent government has been blown to pieces by determination to damage the Freedom of Information Act, increase secrecy in courts or in fact on anything that might damage this power crazy lit. When bulldozing unpopular policies through without debat they claim they were mandated to do so. With a majority of 12. Now this. They must go before we become N.Korea as far as “freedom” goes.
    This is plainly arrogance of power, and wecall know what power does.

  3. John Fullerton says:

    England – hopefully, not Scotland – can look forward to at last 20 years of Tory one-party rule. It is already a police state and a kleptocracy. There is not one aspect of democratic government that has not come under sustained attack. Basic freedoms of association, expression, movement and the Rule of Law have all been fatally weakened. We have to ask ourselves if the English electorate has brought this on itself through a combination of apathy, ignorance, indifference and self-interest and what it will take for a real resistance movement to emerge and challenge creeping fascism. The longer it takes, the nastier and more violent it will be.

  4. Could the above commenter list five ways in which the EU had “made a mockery of our laws”? I’m struggling to think of any.

  5. Ceiliogwaspflake says:

    They behave like the bandits in the Magnificent Seven when it comes to tax – Too cowardly to take from the rich and powerful, so they steal from the poor and defenceless.
    They are attempting to impoverish all other political parties.
    They are changing the electoral boundaries to their advantage.
    Hunt dictates Junior Doctors’ contract and lies and lies and lies.
    Iain Duncan Smith kills from a distance and lies and lies and lies.

    Now they turn their attention on the ethical values of local government and public bodies. My Council’s ethical values seem, on the whole, to be okay. However, Tory ethical values have disappeared.

    As a matter of interest, does anyone know what hold the rich AstroTurf organisation ‘Jewish Human Rights Watch’ has on Cameron and his Kakistocracy?

  6. Devereux Richard says:

    I am appalled by this – we are drowning in a quagmire of greed and self interest.
    The arrogance of Cameron and his cronies is breathtaking.

  7. “First the EU take our laws and make a mockery of them and then our own Government try to take our rights to have a MORAL AND ETHICAL stance in our own communities.”
    Sandra Streeting says:
    February 15, 2016 at 10:14 am

    The good news Sandra is that the mockery of your laws that the EU make, means that they are likely to protect your rights to have a moral and ethical stance in your own community despite the attempts of your government to deprive you of them.

  8. This is not the Britain I grew up in. How dare Cameron and Osborne take away so much that we have fought for over the years. Every one should have the right to vote with their feet when it comes to unethical investment: this is bringing in TTIP before it is even law.

  9. It is getting worse. The so called benefit for low paid workers is not working because the work that there is out there is being downgraded so that people will not be able to work and to live. If you are disabled, poor or have a disability thrugh no fault of your own and have paid your taxes into these cunts for years for your pension and welfare they do not want to pay any money back to you they would rather you died so that they can spend the money you have worked for.

  10. If you don’t vote in the last election then you gave up on your right to your voice. If you don’t like any of the choices then put a line through the ballet paper and write a comment. A ‘No Vote’ is counted as an uninterested voter who cannot be bothered to to get off their ass. A messed up vote is counted and if thousands instead of a few are noted in this way then a message is sent.

  11. Why has it taken people this long to wake up what’s going on? This train left the station a long time ago, and the momentum it’s gained may make it unstoppable. We can try, but any action must be swift, committed and ruthless.

  12. I voted conservative in the last election, but they have squandered that. This is not what I voted for. This is not ethics and morality; this is selfish immorality. Enough is enough.

  13. Well these people are not called “shy Torys” for nothing, if I had voted Tory I would be very ashamed and Shy!!!! I

  14. The people will unite. The people will always be more powerful. Don’t hate the Tories; pity them. They have a twisted and nasty ideology of society. They spawn from the highest echelons of Victorian England. They are dated and ridiculously perverse and in time, a short time… The good people of the voting public will vote them OUT.

  15. Lynne Selleck says:

    This is again an attack on our freedom of choice. It was bad enough that the voting system in this country is flawed in the fact that anyone who does not vote gets their vote cast to the majority party or party in power currently. Now the government wants to tell us where to invest our pensions. What happens if these so called safe investments fail? It will be a case of sorry, but no money for you. I bet George Osbourne doesn’t have his money invested into the investments he is forcing the British workforce to invest in. This lack of morals and ethics is exactly why disabled people are either dying of malnutrition or hypotherma or they are commiting suicide and why since this governments benefits reforms the number of homeless has dramatically increased. This government is turning into the Nazi Party, Hilter would be proud of the tory parties ethics and morals. If this continues what follows will be genecide by the fact our supposed government by apathy. I thought it is a democracy.

  16. We as a nation must get these hedonist out of office now ! We are heading down the road of Hitlerism ….. This government is not listening to the people of this country whether you voted for them or not (I did not ) .They are putting in policies without due justice and we the electorate have no say ……..they are becoming a sorry, have become a dictator government like Russia and changing laws to suit their policies , so opposition and public alike have no jurisdiction to overturn ..financially murdering the workin poor ,the mentally ill ,the disabled , pensioners ,all the whilst looking after the big business . WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW! PEOPLE OF A FREE NATION ,,,, NOT FOR LONG

  17. Just six months in office and the Tories have eviscerated what was left of the social and cultural fabric of this country, destroyed the public realm, attacked citizenship, and waged war on the disadvantaged and the environment. We have 200 Labour MPs most of whom spend more time attacking their own leader than denouncing this destruction; but the selfish and ignorant fools who lap up the garbage spewed out by the Mail Express Telegraph et al are also responsible for letting these thugs loose on our once proud institutions and reducing the status of Britain to little better than a banana republic. I despair.

  18. Spoilt ballot papers are just that “spoilt”. They achieve nothing other than to ensure whoever is elected wins and they think I’m glad all those spoilt ballots didn’t go against me. The ONLY way to get rid of the tories is to vote Labour and ensure Corbyn is true to his word.

  19. Interesting how this site feels that banning Jew hatred is the same as “making ethics and morals” illegal. You can’t make this stuff up.

  20. Without the EU to provide a buffer for us from Cameron and Co. we’d be in a worse hole than the one we’re in already Sandra….. This government would be screwing us even more.

  21. This government is destroying this country we so proudly to call it Great Britain and I’m so unhappy my great grandfather gave his life to Protect This country and my grandfather fought to the end in the Second World War and all those soldiers as well they gave their life’s for nothing to leave it to these evil politicians I have no idea what will be my grandchildren’s future in this country because my children’s future is destroyed God help us all

  22. This has to be the worst government this country has ever seen. They’re vile and rotten to the core, since 2010 all they’ve done is cut every public service to shreds and attacked the most vulnerable in our society. Every Tory should be ashamed of themselves.

  23. What fighting strategy can people think of to combat this outrageous limitation on our freedom to choose through electing local councils, how they spend our money? Who has engineered this, and why, and WHERE IS THE OPPOSITION??

  24. Being saying it for 20 years now: Fascism is coming back! And it started before New Labour took office. Tories and Labour only respect power. Not people, morality or ethics. Lib dems are idiots. Parliament is fraud. We are doomed.

  25. Phil, it is an undisputed fact that every government since 1945 has been worse than the last one. We are a de-industralised former world power, over armed, skint, spiritually empty country with nothing to look forward too.

    I think we had a brief period of hope from 1997 to 2003 but then Blair stuffed that up with his invasion of Iraq and what was left of all the moral and intellectual ability in the Labour Party walked out the door and said Fuck this. Now it’s all cynics, loonies and dullards lke Abbot, Cooper, Balls and Corbyn. And Corbyn is the brightest of them all!!

  26. Tim, where does anything mention Jew hatred? Are you equating challenging illegal settlements in Israel/Palestinian territory with anti-semitism?

  27. Andy Tillbrook says:

    Tim says:
    February 15, 2016 at 5:05 pm
    Interesting how this site feels that banning Jew hatred is the same as “making ethics and morals” illegal. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Apparently you don’t understand the difference between being against the Zionist government of Israel and hating Jews. Many well respected Jews hate the genocidal apartheid policies of Israel, so please at least attempt to have an understanding of issues that you choose to comment on.

  28. Cameron is now making himself the champion of the mentally ill by blaming the NHS for the ever increasing number of suicides by people who are unable to live their lives without help. My guess is that he doesn’t want the number of suicides and other deaths to be laid at the door of his colleague Ian Duncan Smith’s private army, tasked with refusing help to ill people, who were quite unable to work for. both mental and physical reasons. They were refused benefits which in plain English means they can’t live. No wonder they want to outlaw ethics and morals – they have none.

  29. Another legal issue here is that pension trustees are obliged by law (and quite tightly defined law which is also well-regulated) to look after the long-term interests of their members. While ethical funds continue to outperform the market as a whole Osborne will have to see them in court, I suspect

  30. It gets worse. Many were warned about the agendas of this government before the election. Most didn’t understand them, many didn’t realise they were there in the first place, many are struggling to know what to do about it, more and more are desperate to get rid of them.

    The precidents of 1641, 1819 and 1832 come mind – (the challenge to Charles I, the Peterloo Massacre and the Reform act of 1832) – as examples. The sense of distress and injustice prior to these events carried a revolutionary flavour in reaction to repressive and badly judged governance.

    It is very interesting to listen to the podcasts from In Our Time, discussing these events, found in the BBC archives. There are many resonances with the accumulating discontent found today in contemporary events.

  31. Labour better get its act together quickly,there’s no way they are fit to form a government at this time………And there’d no way this kingdom will remain united under the present lot of self serving,spoilt,clueless,chinless blunder boys.Every day brings a new revelation that damns the lot of them……..I feel physically sick at the mention of them or the thought of 4 more years of them

  32. Michael McGreevy says:

    I find it sad that, coming from one corner of the UK where serious organisation if the 3 main UK political parties is non-existent, I haven’t got a choice in which party governs me. I also find it sad that those who do have this choice, waste it on voting for the one party who will run the country with an iron fist. And once this party is in power, and those same voters find to their cost just how big a mistake they’ve made, they spend the rest of the term crying about it. And what is saddest of all is, come next election time, they will vote the same tyrants in again. When will British voters realise that everything the tories say about civil servants, the unemployed, the sick, the disabled, it’s all black propaganda. They should never be allowed to government the country again. But I just have this feeling in my gut that this will fall on deaf ears and I will be reading the same comments again in 4 years time.

  33. Looking like the 1930’s all over again… Cameron and members of his cabinet stated a few times in the last few years ‘they only thing holding them back is the ‘Human rights Act’,
    All this hype over Eu bad for trade etc. is just a smoke screen for the above reality, with the security reforms already in place,(wiping out many if not all the age old British individuals rights) and with the revelations that the UK gov, is putting pressure on ALL THE COMUNICATION suppliers to, ‘monitor/record ALL individual’s communications
    it’s looking like Cameron is going to both relive nazi Germany & improve upon his idol

    If we leave the EU we throw away our rights to be treated as humans

  34. I am a working woman of 59 years, I have worked for nearly all of my adult life, starting at 15 years of age, a couple years off when my children were young. I love great britian, I’m/was proud to be British, but I’m so frightened for my children and my children’s children……what kind of dictatorship will they inherit by the time they are grown up…..I hate with every fibre of my being this BASTARDING government, and no thank god I didn’t vote for them! I would have no hesitation in blowing parliament to smithereens, just call me lady Fawkes……….we seriously, we the people need to do SOMETHING, these theiving nasty greedy self centered twats that say they are looking after us need lined up and shot…..I will happily and without hesitation pull the trigger. Seriously, How do we go about getting rid??? Please tell me, I’m up for it despite my tender years.

  35. The thing which makes the whole situation so infuriating is that even from my poor backgrounds, i’m aware that money and value and debt are all illusions that when you do the math, result in a world that owes money to itself which is why it’s so deeply flawed. I’m all for improving the economy and would gladly accept making do with less if i knew that my/our government was matching my efforts. They’re not. They think the word economy is a posh word for pocket.

  36. Kennethi Cheslett says:

    Surely it is time for revolution? We cannot allow liars and bullies to dictate any longer. Anyone else remember what Dennis Potter said, when he was close to death, about what he would do to Rupert Murdock if someone would give him the tool and point him in the right direction?
    Well I could name a cabinet that I would do the same to.

  37. All of the main parties allowed into parliament are set up and carefully groomed and organized by the nature of the establishments (masonic) systems in place. Most of the information/services provided to the general public are designed to create public discord on different levels. The main obstacle for the world to eradicate is international media (Fox News, BBC etc). Only once a consistently non profit/government/privately/funded/controlled media on all shores is established will the masses finally make their demands met without compromise. After years of media deception the populations majorities actualise fear/anger/vanity once distracted from nature and each other by the consistent false truths that they are endlessly presented with. History repeats itself whilst technology is continually changing. In political climates where God/Nature is deceptively denied a voice by hope in a new material world chapter does itself become the arena to control minds by the insane.

  38. The Tories have shown it has no compassion or mercy. it mocks the weak and the vulnerable whilst lining their pockets with public moneys; It does deals with murderers and tyrants. Because it itself is the infrastructure of tyranny and age old systemic abuse. It is psychopathic and places no value on morals nor ethics because it is void of any notion of empathy. To hell is where their plans or all our childrens future lies.

  39. Quoting John above:

    I agree with almost all the above comments word for word. Except just for one word in John’s comment. Labour is in a bit of a mess; rather: VOTE GREEN.

  40. All these comments on here make me happy to see that people are starting to realise what tossers are running OUR country , we don’t live in a democracy , it’s just an illusion! I knew all this was to happen , but people don’t listen to is critical thinkers ! ( conspiracy theorists if you will ) . Truth is can people get of Facebook , leave work for a few days and take to the streets of London . I voted labour , I’ve always voted labour , but that’s because I don’t believe I’m better then anyone else and that we should be a fair society !

  41. Agree with the Labour policy except Israel should not be boycotted. If you read the 6000 year recorded history of Israel you will know why. If you log on to honest reporting you will get the truth. The media press & TV have not reported the daily attacks & murders of IDF & civilians. All Israel do is defend its 0.2% of the middle east. This comment may not be popular but it is truth & part of the freedom to debate. I will still support Labour because they stand for a fair society & the poor & needy. I support a charity that supports victims of terrorism, Jews & Muslims. I was diagnosed at age 65 with Autism, Asperger’s Chronic Anxiety & Misophonia. One of the many characteristics of Autism is a difficulty to accept something that is not logical or does not make sense. This government supports greed & robs from the poor & needy & gives to the rich who don’t need it. Cameron is Criminal & Osborne Oppresses the poor & needy

  42. The political concept of neo-liberalism leaves both main parties with little in the way of difference between them. That’s the Blair legacy: a Labour party further to the right than the 1979 Thatcher government. This is why there is such internal revolt in that Party. Corbyn is much more the traditional democratic socialist, in other words Old Labour. Many of his colleagues were voted in with the backing and support of big business and other monied interests. They can’t be seen to be working against those interests now.

    England needs a political revolution. That won’t happen unless someone stands up with some authority and fights for it. Corbyn is hampered by a Party that won’t allow him to lead effectively because their paymasters won’t permit it.

    I hope that the tide will turn and our society become what it could and should be. That will never happen under the Tories, UKIP or New Labour.

  43. michael Perkins says:

    Yes, well people have known how the Tory party works for years and yet they still tolerate them. They had about a third of the vote and still managed to cling to power even though two thirds of the electorate didn’t vote for them. They are very clever people, they turn us against each other through manipulation and trickery, they make us so angry by turning us on to minority groups, thus making us take our eye off the real issues…..the Government themselves. George Orwell’s 1984 really did start in the eighties, the decimalisation of the unions, Margaret Thatcher took on the unions, demonised them and took away the rights and voice of the common man, and it’s deteriorated into the situation we find ourselves in today; and sadly, the Tories are still in charge, still eroding our basic rights and still supporting the wealthy. Everything we ever had of value has been sold off to private enterprise the most important being the NHS, followed by the Police, the Armed Forces, Beware People

  44. I too had the WTF reaction, fascism for you, WTF!?! and al the rest. but then I realised how far my own programming went.
    Heres where I agree with their law.
    a. in over 20 years of boycotts,they’ve never or only slightly worked.
    b. it seems to be ‘group think’ kinda equally fasicist too, that “boycott” isreal is considered to be moral. (apart from the fact every country has a killing or two by a police man / cop of the wrong person).
    Sumetimes, knowing full well what buying ”muslim” implies, I boycot these services/products as a consumer. (*very long story, to explain to group thinkers/left-leaners)
    Depends where ur allegiance is.and why, Isreal aint that bad. I have isreai friends and used to have muslim ones. lol. Its a county like all else. No need to boycot it just to feel morally superior. u might as well not watch tv, us sitcoms, buy iphones, boycot ur own country. isreal Its protecting itself n people. & law kinda makes the market fair. Crucially,Consumers can still choose.

  45. reaction is over emotional . Its NOT banning or making morals illegal! Very emotive word to use.

    What about occupied Northern Cyprus? Occupied Tibet? seems who you choose as just cause or not is very self-serving/superficial or of the moment/populous at the time being.
    Ah, yeh I know why, your very same gov or BBC Autie explained it all 2 you – It was both their faults in those instances, so u did nothing.

    I assure you it wasn’t. What about the Mapuche’ of Argentina, Chile? Ay? … Or Diego Garcia island in the 1990s?2000’s What about Exon, chevron in the amazon? what about your animal eating and killing product? What about your Apple computers made from child labour? and all the rest?I could go on … We live in a system, This law makes for pubic/gov bodies fair to accord by trade deals that enable u to have ur mortgage n private pension etc. As far as an individual, u still can choose. and have that right.
    Oh I might have well said what about TPP, because this is what this is like

  46. To the person whos fighting for the good old Britain which took hundreds of yrs to achieve. This the empire of going round the world killing savages and making them civilised. This is still happening as far as I can see. Only good old Britain was after the war when people just got on with things and ejoyed themselves. Now we are overloaded with information, we know how shit it. I’d imagine if people had access to what the government was doing in the past it would take of been so rosey the either.

  47. Diane Maynard says:

    When my children were growing up they were strongly taught to be as moral as they possibly could and to always be ethical in there dealings with others, to uphold the weak and to stand strong against any kind of discrimination. Evident I shouldn’t have bothered because what does this teach their children!!!!

  48. having said what i said (p.s. I do not give u the right – or support – if u don’t publish the first 2 comments to puplish this one alone), Ceiliogwaspflake and Anne are right as well. Interestingly , Hamish is right, I’m just surprised how long its taken for everyone to get this. You want to live, survive,, get on? … , then use your brain and work with that. It IS unjust. It is. But so so so many other things are and have been. but holiday homes and cognitive dissonance etc have taken precedence. On rhe flipside, Jeremy Corbyn wants to shake hands with ISIS. The corbynites have – and would not – act in any way for the favour of the Tibettan people, Kurdish freedom fighters or others, since lefty islingtonian appeasement seems to be core in his psych make up. . Where is a better (please note, I didn’t say good!) leader like a whsiton churchil when u need him??! Politics and Government is a dirty game. The solutions wont all come from there. likewise, new tech will change the world

  49. Lastly and importantly, I know Ian Duncan Smith is a Murder from a-far. It is really unjust, sad & f-d up. He is a bloody murder, as are all your leaders/parties. But yes, tories are shameful. What can I say? That all our parties – Greens included (grn party: so resolute/smug but so wrong) have blood on their hands. One way or another. We live in a world, we have to put our differences aside and move forward. move on. Push forward, get on with it. live. Stop crying injustice perhaps and do something. Just know that . If your crying injustice, well then you have time on your hands and really do not have it as bad as you think, and a billion others who infact do, and for most sake get on with it.
    Greens have blood on their hands figuratively/metaphorically, appease, because they mass-retard people. I don’t know what worse sometimes, Brain Death or Real death. Greens. sad laugh .. attract all the scum/baby/lazy thinkers from society who think they know & r doing good/value . they dont

  50. Right that does it for me. I think I have been as offensive to all groups as I could be. As offensive and ‘immoral’ to your article as it was and could be seen as offensive and immoral to the people (low wage to high) working and relying on: the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products or to Israeli settlements in the ”’occupied land ”’ (as if it was your land!! no, not them , you the piece writer) .
    The moral deluded retarded bullshit and one-sided “absolutism” (well its sold as) of the British public today /society is disgusting. shameful, hypocritical etc.
    you know what was bad? Slavery. we are only sold the stories that make us happy, not the whole truth.
    You know Abraham Lincoln hanged 500 indigineous people for no reason during his presidency? anyway, hypocrasy and lefty idiots all of ya.
    p.s. Karl Marx was right about his theory but so was darwin: but in full context, not just meme soundbites to appeal and be understood by those quick to condemn or praise something.

  51. ^Israel is occupying land which it took with violence. That’s a fact.
    Whether it is defensible or excusable is debatable but it’s still a fact.

  52. Is it not clear to everyone that we are living in a Dictatorship and that our country has been hijacked and subverted by Zionist who have put Traitors into High Office. Even the Monarch is committing Treason.
    It gets much worse because its been reported from within Parliament that they the British government have discussed breaking down the Rule of Law, which we now see happening before our very eyes.
    What is it going to take before the British find their backbone and arrest these Traitors and put them on trial for treason.


  53. Think of the most repugnant, morally reprehensible, vile and corrupt policies a government could pursue, and you have the Tory government. What is happening to this country is so very, very sad.

  54. I can’t understand why anyone who has had a relationship with a pigs head and another who has been photographed with a prostitute and snorting cocaine has still got a job!!!!

  55. Our joke of an electoral system allows this government to do what it likes with the support of less than 25% of the electorate. It doesn’t really matter who you vote for. Just make sure that at the next election you use your vote if you’ve still got one that is.

  56. How I loved the free thinking, free speech England I was born into 68 years ago. How on God’s good green earth have we ended up with this draconian state we now exist in ?

  57. Kelvin Leathem says:

    People make me laugh when they mention the words ‘Caring, Compassionate, Ethical, and Tory, in the same breath. They are a direct contradiction in terms: If you were Caring, Compassionate & Ethical….you wouldn’t BE a Tory!!
    As for the rest…it’s been said that the people get the government that they deserve, and if this is so, every single person of voting age in this country who…by either NOT voting…Voting ‘Tactically’….or voting Tory, shares responsibility for putting in or allowing this current government to come to power, and…in my opinion, should be ashamed of themselves.

  58. Ros Curwood says:

    Well, judging by these comments, it looks as though the Tories have finally unmasked their undemocratic, morally sterile character as well as their fascist intent. Perhaps now people will connect the dots…BBC coverage bias to the right,
    Murdoch press bias to the right, media misreporting to the right, police politicised, changes to the electoral register and constituencies favour the right. Its all been there plain to see ever since the Lib-Dem controls were removed…how? By cheating of course. By the right showing they can ignore the law, even rig the election. The pollsters were puzzled by the result in 2015, but had not understood the lengths this government would go to win, presenting to the public their trick rueful face of pretending bumbling incompetence. As Hunt’s tinkering with the NHS masked an iron intent to reduce it for sale. Somehow we must bring to trial the 29 MPs who fought an illegal election and get them suspended while investigated. A slim chance for us.

  59. marjorie arnold says:

    i am also 74 and never in my life have i known a more currupt and incompetent government.

  60. Had people been paying attention, they would have seen how this would act out, ‘en grand’, yet the foolishness of letting it go, giving the benefit of the doubt, believing governments have “our best interest” at heart are all conniving, cowardly ways of NOT dealing with the horror.
    Compliance, authoritarian following will and have historically always led to fascism, totalitarianism and brutality of a most horrendous kind.
    For a British government to fall down this road was ‘natural’ for a country that invented concentration camps, pushed and executed torture in the expediency of results.
    We glibly blame the US for all our ills – ie what happens in the US will eventually appear here. What we forget is we exported most of that to there first.
    We can pander around and turn our eyes but truth be told, we have the most horrendous karma on our Empire’s hands over centuries of having been the bully boys and invasionary rapists, terrorists and emperors.
    The Eton crowd are no exception to that.

  61. This is exactly why Scotland needs independence, if you value your human rights and morality and democracy and don’t want to find nudest cafe’s sprouting up in Scotland and don’t want rules by dictators you are definitely going to have to wake up to the realisation that only by iindependence will you secure the things that matter from being utterly eroded by Westminster isn’t it not all to clear to see what is becoming of the UK it’s a shambles and Scotland we must leave the union before it is to late to put our future and our values in our hand.

  62. Ridiculous, as Brexit is nothing but a vote to boycott the EU.

    Unbridled capitalism is making our once hunter gathering societies into heathens willing to torture for social and economic advantage. Humans have lost their way, and what life is all about.

  63. Seriously did the brexit voters not see this coming you voted away your human rights because you were all blinded by immigration and the NHS promises so now you reap what you sow but as people we can rise up against this government we can force a new election but it needs to be done correctly and soon or your all going to end up back in Victorian times it’s another thatcher that’s in again and the Tories only ever line their own pockets you can bet this is being done because they are making money somewhere out of this and it’s seriously wrong

  64. Am I mistaken or is this the paving of the way for TTIP? I seem to remember that the government has refused to take action against G4S and Sirco in their failings so far too. Are we being held to account by big business already?

  65. Where did all the votes come from for Cameron and his gang. They have raped every member of the “lower classes”. How can UK voters be so gullible as to swallow their promises. A few hundred years ago they were the people applying “sharia law” to us peasants and for their own benefit. They are still doing it to us but now they do it financially because they are not allowed to do it physically. Give them enough votes and we’ll be back in the dark ages sooner than you think. And they weren’t called the dark ages for nothing.

  66. Surely nobody believes this total tosh story, have any of you though how they would go about enforcing this, and how they would be treated at the ballot box in the next election!

  67. How did the tories get in ? Lies deceit and a whole lot of fraud with none payment of taxes for battle buses if they want to stay in they all fix it with mi5 mi6 extra. The election process is a scam we need to change the whole current system before it is to late!

  68. I. strongly suspect that things have been this BSD or worse for ages….The only reason that legislation is now being brought in is because the nsgived are waking up and through the internet, are becoming enlightened….The internet is also making a quick and widespread sharing of info msani g that the government can no longer carry on with Bush ESS as usual….Now they must make resistance ilsgal in order to keep their furtive schemes and unsavoury liasons going.

  69. Tony Bennion says:

    Get them out!May is a queen of cronyism and her all her cronies will take whatever they can get their hands on while they are there!….Find a way to call an election now!

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