Despite floods, the government is paying 100 times more to chop a tree than plant one

The British government is willing to pay people £144 per tree to chop it down and dispose of it.

Meanwhile, how much do you get paid if you plant one? £1.28 per tree.

The Government even lists the environmental benefits of chopping trees.

This item will support the removal of trees, helping to restore open habitats or prevent damage to environmental features.

Obviously, it’s much easier to plant a tree than chop one down. But is that giving out the right message?

More trees are good in themselves, but they’re also serve another important role: flood prevention!

It’s long been pointed out how UK farming practices are contributing to flooding through deforestation.

A report by the Forestry Commission in 2015 admitted that forests were needed to “reduce flood flows compared to other land uses”. Another paper estimated that reforesting just 5% of the land reduces flood peaks by around 29%, while full reforestation would reduce them by some 50%.

You would think the Tories learnt their lesson after recent flooding disasters.