Grant Shapps: data error

Having quit the government over the Tory bullying scandal, Grant Shapps’ first stab at rehabilitation (and possibly a cushy directorship) comes in the form of a new report into the UK’s broadband:

“Grant Shapps MP has led an investigation into the state of internet services throughout Britain. The report uncovers a national broadband network which is chronically underperforming … As a result, coverage suffers

But in a somewhat inconvenient development, recent footage has now emerged of Scrapbook’s favourite comedy Tory heaping praise on British broadband — saying it may be the best in Europe.

The gaffe was spotted by regional business magazine In-Cumbriawho recalled what flip-flopping Shapps said when he travelled to the county less than a year ago:

“We’ve got now some of the best coverage, if not the best coverage, of superfast broadband in Europe”

This comes after Shapps published a recording of himself being mocked by BT staff.

He’s still got it (the inverse Midas touch, that is).

  1. The best in Europe? That is really taking the piss.

    In France people routinely get 150MbpS. I understand that in other countries it’s even better. Our zingo free market struggles to deliver 20-30MbpS.

  2. Here is government is crypt why is it happen in this country we r coming from India to here bcs peace in this country but I see here is same thing to much crouption here

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