David Cameron conference speech 2013

The Sunday Telegraph reported that the Government plans take away the right of local council to decide on future shale gas production in their area.

Wasn’t this an attack on local democracy and devolution? Absolutely.

Charity Friends of the Earth, which leaked the letter show that the Tories plans to have industrial-scale shale gas fracking production in Britain “within 10 years”.

The letter to George Osborne said that Tory ministers want to take away the right to decide on fracking wells away from local councils.

What’s odd is that the decision would totally go against the government’s own commitment.

In 2012, David Cameron assured Tory MPs at PMQs that local councils would have a say in deciding whether fracking would come to their towns

The Prime Minister: As my hon. Friend will know, all fracking operations for shale gas have been suspended while we study the minor tremors that occurred in Blackpool last year. The Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society have produced a full independent review into the risks of fracking and I can assure my hon. Friend that any future shale gas production would have to meet stringent safety and environmental standards, follow deep consultation with local communities and fit within our overall energy commitments.

What happened to that “deep consultation” now?

The Conservatives like devolving power and consultation until local communities disagree with their decisions.

  1. To Cameron that’s not lying. If he says ‘follow consultation w/ local communities’ he’s not technically making a commitment to listen to what communities say. Note how he also didn’t mention the planning system. Its misleading parliament and the public, which should make the Infrastructure Act and its taking away of land owner rights to stop fracking, invalid. If a Gov pass a law by misleading public as to how else they will be protected, law should not be valid. Due process not followed.. Where is a good QC?

  2. “a full independant review on fracking” that will ignored be used to clean up dom perignon spills up while they celebrate they money they going to make fracking under peoples homes

  3. This is one item that really winds me up how stupid our government is to even talk about fracking in the UK when it has been banned in soo many other countries already . It is so clear that this done on a big scale will poison our water supplies for good what sane person would allow that to happen I hear they are even wanting to frack underneath reservoirs . It is so obvious to me that who ever is OK with fracking is being nicely paid off from the company’s who will benifit from it going ahead.

  4. Biggest con since the enclosure act the main trouble being is you can’t unfrack and when the damage is done there is no way back.

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