Jeremy Hunt: Where's Jeremy?

Doctors are being told that Saturdays are part of the normal working week so the Government can avoid paying them extra to do so.

So why can’t MPs also do the same for the same money?

A new petition calling on MPs to work six days a week has already gotten nearly 30,000 60,000 signatures in a few days.

As the author of the petition says:

I am a GP and although not a junior Dr, believe that Politicians are at least as important if not more important than the people they lead and who they set policies for. As “we are all in it together”, The policies and rules they set should apply to them as equally as for any members of the workforce.

Maybe it inspired this letter to the Telegraph, or vice versa

Either way, this plan sounds like a good idea – sign it!

  1. Hunt the cnut is an absolute disgrace to humanitarianism. Like everybody in the nasty party, they dont give a fuck for anyone else.

  2. Political hypocrisy is not a surprise. Politics = hypocrisy in the new age of Britain. Eat the common goods, make them the private property of the few. Feed off the suffering.

  3. Who do you believe? Jeremy Hunt, always in hiding, or 53,000 intelligent caring people, who want the best for you??

  4. maureen.mcilroy says:

    this government is a total disgrace . they expect doctors to work all these hours and get little pay for it . WHAT about the PM & the MPs who claim for everything they buy [ EVEN A PAPER CLIP ] AND BREAKFASTS THAT WOULD NORMALLY COST AROUND £10s . &39s is claimed for it !! why do they PM & MPs get paid at all when they can make all these claims on expenses at the taxpayers expense ???

  5. David Abrahams says:

    Hunt is another Twatocrat in a party of crooks and sociopaths. Why should we be surprised at what they do. The only thing I am surprised at is that someone hasn’t started offing these oxygen thieves. But I guess that is coming.

  6. I’d like MPs to work Saturdays (in the same way doctors are being asked to). And I’m looking forward to seeing MPs debate this.

  7. Jeremy Cunt – your actions will be the main reason your Party will NEVER be re elected for a very long time.
    You have cut your nose off to spite your face. If I were you, I would up your personal security – the public could not despise anybody more

  8. I’d prefer if they worked less. The less time they spend cocking our lives up the better. Of course a reduction in working hours would mean a reduction in salary (& expenses) Win Win all round

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