The main Brexit campaign group isn’t just beset by infighting, its own supporters are leaving too.

Yesterday, one of its main supporters accused campaign director Dominic Cummings of creating “ill feeling” among staff.

In an email to Cummings and former TPA director Matthew Elliott, deputy chairman John Mills wrote:

What on earth are you doing, generating more and more ill feeling like this entirely unnecessarily? I thought you had promised to stop doing this sort of thing. Don’t you realise that this kind of behaviour puts more and more damaging and unnecessary strain on everyone?

It gets worse today. Now, Vote Leave’s cross-party support is also melting away.

Kate Hoey MP denied reports that she has quit the group but she is still clearly unhappy

The ‘Vote Remain’ group probably can’t believe their luck.

  1. Vote leave use an image of Abu Hamza to promote their message. They should know that the difficulty in deporting Abu had nothing to do with the EU and was due to the European convention on human rights. I’ve asked them about this several times but they don’t have the courtesy to reply. Using Lawson, who has promoted climate change denial in return for payments from fossil fuel companies, is equally offensive.

  2. When a group is wrong headed enough to have the likes of Mr Lawson as its head, then you wonder about the wisdom of its thinking.

  3. Tim Montgomerie (Conservative Home and Vote Leave advocate) immediately reacted to Lawson’s appointment with “Good choice”…
    His own judgement as a moderate Conservative has always been flawed to the nature of confirmation bias that occurs within all such political lobbying organisations – this demonstrates an ignorance of how Lawson is perceived by the general public ( as opposed to the “Blindly blue sheep”)

  4. Richard Parr says:

    My daughter has been sent a voting opportunity to vote in the referendum. She has lived in Australia for twenty seven years and is now an Australian citizen. She has never received other voting slips since she left home in Eastbourne and has very little knowledge of the issues involved. I question the morality of trawling around ex-pats for extra votes which could seriously affect the result in favour of staying in

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