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The ‘mass privatisation’ of NHS cancer services in Staffordshire has been suspended after worries it would be financially unsustainable.

The 10-year cancer contract should have been awarded by December, reports the Stoke Sentinel.The sell-off of £687 million of cancer services also faced a petition of over 70,000 people who wanted it stopped.

The sell-off has been put on hold because health bosses are worried it could go the same way as Cambridgeshire — where the privatisation of £800 million of elderly care in the county became financially unsustainable.

NHS chiefs now say the will be made until a review of what went wrong in Cambridgeshire had been completed.

UNISON warned in 2014 that only two NHS bidders were in the shortlist for the contracts. Another plan to sell off end-of-life care in Staffordshire worth half a million pounds has also been put on hold.

The petition opposing this decision said:

“This contract is an untried, untested 10-year-long experiment and we can’t let this happen. If our CCGs don’t pull out of this deal, our money will be profiting shareholders rather than improving care.

Let’s hope this puts the brakes on NHS privatisation across the country.

  1. Jacqueline Simper says:

    When will this end. I do really think that most of the people in this country have no idea about what is happening behind the scenes. How on earth you make people stand up for the dwindling NHS before it is too late is beyond me.

  2. Is the cost of the failed tendering process to the CCG known? Might be worth requesting that info as in the past sums of c. £1m have been wasted on advertising tenders that attracted no bids!

  3. People wake up, the budgets are always the same.
    but to pay for the administration of PRIVITISATION, 300% + of management and administrators, shareholders, Corperation and bosses profits, quangos – – – – and the list goes on.
    While the NHS lose Hospitals ( 23 in Gloucestershire alone ) doctors, nurses,, training, paramedics, and the list goes on – – – –
    Profits to the rich, means death and suffering to the rest of us.
    Loss of Patient Services and NHS Staff to pay for the Tory lets get rich dream.
    and they do not care who dies or suffers.

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