heat street

As Political Scrapbook revealed a few weeks ago, (thanks Guardian Monkey), former socialite-and-ex-MP-turned-Twitter-warrior Louise Mensch has a new role at News Corporation.

Rupert Murdoch’s lot were so excited about their new ‘Vice-President, Creative and Strategy‘, they didn’t even bother issuing a press release.

Nor give her an office or a phone number.

But to be honest we’re looking forward to Menshn 2.0 – remember how great it was?

The site was launched as a rival to Twitter and Facebook, quickly found to be unworkable, had major security flaws, and was shut down after her business partner and co-founder was arrested.

But now, Mensch is back! To work on “digital projects in the creative/strategic arena”.

The new site will be called “Heat Street”.

The co-founder of Menshn joins up with the former owner of MySpace … what could possibly go wrong?

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