Jeremy Hunt Tory conference

The UK’s only Meningitis charity today slammed Jeremy Hunt as giving “potentially fatal” advice to parents after he said they should search the internet if children get rashes.

Meningitis Now warned people “Don’t Google a rash” today and its CEO Sue Davies said

“To suggest that people look for an online diagnosis for a rash, rather than seek medical help, could have serious consequences for anyone who has contracted meningitis.”

“To advise people to delay seeking medical advice when they see a rash in favour of comparing their rash with online images is a serious error of judgement by the Health Secretary and advice that should simply be ignored.”

Jeremy Hunt also came under fire from the British Association of Dermatologists, who pointed out today that there were over 2000 different skin diseases, so it was “not reasonable” for parents to “distinguish between serious and non-serious problems by browing pictures on the internet“.

Over the weekend, users on Twitter ridiculed the health secretary by posting pictures of rashes and asking Hunt to identify the problem.


  1. frank rafferty says:

    Jeremy Hunt, is there is a rash on that part of your anatomy for which there is no rhyming slang? Do not consult a junior Doctor on this matter. Oh! That’s right, you don’t consult Doctors about anything. What a truly ridiculous Health Minister you are.

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