George Galloway complained he was “misled” by the BBC today, over being asked to talk about the EU Referendum while he was shown a video of people leaving the Brexit rally because of him.

Looking visibly shocked, he said

If you had told me, that I was coming in to discuss me, I would have said there are much bigger issues the British people are occupied by, than the six or however many voxpops you had…

Galloway was anxious to talk about the referendum, he wasn’t anxious to talk about why people walked out of the hall on Friday when he came on to speak.


Nor did he want to talk about why he joined a platform with Nigel Farage after earlier saying, “Farage’s Aids smear should disqualify him from any civilised company henceforth”

George Galloway once said “Farage’s Aids smear should disqualify him from any civilised company henceforth” – so why did he join Farage’s plaform, against the EU?Galloway gets asked today on BBC
Posted by Political Scrapbook on Monday, 22 February 2016

Does he exclude himself from civilised company?

  1. Typical hopeless BBC interviewers trying to turn this into a personality issue. Stick to the issue of the referendum please. I really couldn’t care less about Boris/Galloway/Farage/Cameron. I want to hear the pros and cons of staying so I can make an informed decision. BBC News is just tabloid trash these days.

  2. Actually, the loathsome types who are in the Leave camp are a pretty good indicator of which way we should all vote. Murdoch, Galloway, Farage, Gove, Johnson, Fox, Patterson, IDS.

  3. I’m glad I’ve done my research on the Internet to reach my decision on this issue. Mainstream media have missed a massive opportunity to help educate us on the real pros and cons instead are turning it into a circus about personality and celebrity. The way they fawned over Boris was nearly as laughable at his 2 stage referendum approach which is real kids playground stuff.

  4. “I’ve done my research on the Internet…” That’s a phrase that doesn’t often bode well!

    Sadly your point about the state of the media is all too true. It’s as though they wanted to put us off voting.

  5. I’m a JoCo fan but have to say the line of questioning of Galloway was a shambles. He had a perfectly case for complaint.

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