Tommy Robinson and Maajid Nawaz

The man who advised David Cameron on anti-terror policy is himself on a watchlist used by banks to blacklist potential customers, it was revealed today.

Maajid Nawaz, a former Lib Dem candidate and chair of the think tank Quilliam Foundation, was secretly given a “terrorism” designation on a confidential database run by banks. The list of people on the database was revealed by Vice News today.

The revelations will come as an embarassment to Cameron since Nawaz claims he had “helped with” the PM’s speech on extremism in Birmingham in July.

Authors of the list claim its used by 300 government and intelligence agencies around the world and 49 of the 50 biggest banks.

Nawaz was not a happy bunny today:

He also said this is why he hated people being put on lists:

Yes, lists are a terrible idea!

In 2010 the Guardian revealed that a secret list had been prepared for a top British security official that accused Muslim groups of sharing the ideology of terrorists.

Who was the author of that list?

Err, the chair of Qulliam, Maajid Nawaz. Oops.

  1. Thus guy will say and do anything for a dollar
    Muslamic prostituting to infidel’s
    Haha served up curry style a little too hot went straight thru now
    Wipe that bottom with maajids tongue

  2. Majid sorry what goes around comes around
    You were laughing when every moderate Muslim organisation in Uk Finsbury Mosque-Quruba
    Institute AC closed by HSBC.

    and what is the your bonus Terrorist Medal.
    You deserve it.dont cry mate.

  3. Maajid Nawaz, do you disagree with Islamic law as practiced in it’s current form today, or the form of Islamic law that was prescribed in its unaltered original state?

  4. What a fuckin’ waste of time Majid!!! You sold your soul to them and this is how they look upon you. What next?

  5. These comments are too funny. Nice to see the good old use of social media….
    As they’re saying ‘more to come’

  6. Whatever goes around comes around.

    Maajid, you compiled a list to black list “your fellow Muslims” but you have been given a taste of your own medicine.

    Tell me something, how does it feel to get black listed

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy

    Ha ha ha ha ha,ha ha ha GOOD

  7. I dont think we should rub this beautiful irony too much in Maajids face. Instead we should ceases this opportunity to get him to see the reality of the situation and get him working with us on challenging some of the severe civil liberties abuses taking place against Muslims in the UK

  8. What a complete and utter nincompoop, was Maajid really naive to think that he was in with the elite?! Maajid’s seduction by Ed Husain has not paid off.

  9. Majid Nawaz himself is a lost soul. God’s curse is on him. This is the result. Wait and see which other list he will be on when he stands before God on the day of resurrection.

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