Boris Olympic Park slide

It was meant to be the “longest and tallest tunnel slide” in the world and cost just £5 for visitors to the London Olympic Park. But like every other scheme by London Mayor Boris Johnson, the costs are out of control.

The Orbit Tower was been pushed by Boris as a tourist attraction for the Olympic Park. But it soon became an expensive white elephant. Instead of generating millions of pounds a year from visiting tourists it’s is losing over £10,000 a week — over half a million a year.

So, a plan was hatched to put a slide through it (above) at a cost of another £3.5 million. Moreover, while spinners cite the cost as £5 they conveniently omit to mention it costs £12 to get to the top.

£17 in total. For a 40 second slide. Seriously.

Boris zip wire

  1. So:
    3,500,000 / 17 = over 200,000 extra people paying the extra full £17
    Or at the smaller £5 it is 700,000 people who are already visiting the top who decide to slide back down

    Most likely it would need to be a mixture of the two…

    But to put in context visitors are about 125,000 a year, so say 25,000 extra each year pay the full £17 and 50,000 visitors slide down, that would mean it would take over 5 years to break even (ignoring any extra running costs, insurance, no drop off in visitors and using optimistic figures). So not even during the next major, but the one after that.

    As it was largely a vanity project it would be better to make Boris sell his house, put everything he has into buying it and spend the rest of his life living in it. We could charge people for the use of sponges and catapults so they could try and hit him.

  2. Local Resident says:

    What PS fails to mention is that the entry fee to go up the Orbit is actually an annual pass. So it is indeed £5 to go down the slide each time, after paying £12 for the year.

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