Iain Duncan Smith: not cheering anymore

The Work and Pensions Committee has just published some letters  from Iain Duncan Smith, where he follows-up on questions asked to him about the connection between benefit assessments and suicide.

One of the letters, addressed to Frank Field MP, features a hand-written footnote warning against listening to those ‘in the media and on social media’ who accuse the Government of outrageous actions.

Shocking isn’t it, that anyone would have the gall to accuse IDS of ‘outrageous actions’?

He writes in the footnote:

There are some out there in the media and social media who have used ons [?] figures to accuse the govt of outrageous actions.

I would hope that the committee would not seek to follow suit. I see that having introduced ESA and the WLA, the Labour Party now seeks to attack it as though they had nothing to do with it.

Surely the committee should seek to recognise the good intent of those engaged in this difficult area.

Maybe there wouldn’t be so much outrage if IDS didn’t cheer for cuts on the most vulnerable


The full letter is here.

  1. ONS = Office of National Statistics
    First “ineligible” (I think you meant illegible) = “I *note* that…”
    Second illegible = “…the Labour Party now *seeks* *to* [not “is”] attack it…”

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. Also, what you’ve read as “something to do with it” is actually “nothing to do with it”, and it’s WCA not WLA. So the full sentence reads “I note that having introduced the ESA and WCA, the Labour Party now seeks to attack it as though they had nothing to do with it”

    His handwriting is truly awful, isn’t it?

  3. Richard Gadsden says:

    Improved transcription:

    There are some out there in the media and social media who have used ONS figures to accuse the govt of outrageous actions.

    I would hope that the committee would not seek to follow suit. I note that having introduced the ESA and the WLA, the Labour Party now seeks to attack it as though they had nothing to do with it.

    Surely the committee should seek to recognise the good intent of those engaged in this difficult area.

  4. He is the most sickest man i have listen to. you dont see him walking down the street on his own.?I second the last comment CUNT.

  5. All of the Tories have since being in power become very wealthy men so even if they are voted or kicked out they are well sorted. That wealth they have come off the back of the taxpayers money. None of them are worth two pence.

  6. What an arsehole, he has killed thousands of innocent vulnerable people for his ego, he’s killed more disabled people than hitler in the same time frame. He will not stop till we are all dead and gone, whos next? Children? Babies? Elderly? When will he be sacked? Or has no one got the balls to stand up and save us?

  7. He’s just so out of touch with how people think in the UK, it just brings to mind my only real experience of meeting die-hard Tories, mostly grassroot Tories and only as an entertainer at Tory party funcions, is that they only mix with their own kind of people, other grassroot Tories and and those people only reinforce their own narrrow opinions and prejudices.


  9. A wealthy well managed state looks after the weak and vulnerable members of its society. A wealthy badly managed state blames and punishes them.

  10. I just wish IDS could see what a lot of people are saying about him on Facebook really ripe and totally believeable he must be the most hated politician in history

  11. Master Neil swales says:

    IDS has always been a slimy little twat who keeps to the Tories new mantra ” hard working people” Now that’s a fucking joke in its self. Ask him what hard work he did to earn his fortune? Well as far as I can make out he married into money, now to rub salt into our wounds apparently his wife has had over £1,500,000 in subsidies for her estate, by subsidies I mean hand outs from the government or in other words our tax money. Then claims £37 for a breakfast! Familys have to make that amount of money last a whole week to feed them selves also most with kids as well.

  12. Cardinal Biggles says:

    Does he score high enough to be classed as a PSYCHOPATH, a NARCISSIST?

    Is it right that this man was put in a job that impacts the lives of our most vulnerable people?

    In what way is this man even part qualified for such a technical and senior role?

  13. Nil points nil points nil points, on a lady with MS needing help all around the house and outside ? Nil points yourself arse

  14. He is the most hated man in Britain making life bloody hard for everyone I got one word for him. RESIGN YOU FOOKER

  15. his policys that clearly lead to vunerable and disabled peoples deaths is surely illegal. if action to stop this digusting policy is not taken soon it will be a clear act of agreement to systematic murder of the diabled and vunerable by our legal system

  16. their is nothing honourable in this man, if cameron want’s to improve his image in anyway he should fire IDS from the biggest gun he can find. no golden handshake nothing. just get rid of him. in reply to Ian Fraser’s comment, unfortunately, IDS would take note anyway, he’s too ARROGANT to do that.

  17. Lorraine Murphy says:

    He’s a selfish get, reading all about the misery n mayhem he’s caused makes me feel physically sick!
    N I’m about to go through the whole process again after being in the WRAG group for 2 years, then the support group n my DLA is up for renewal this year, so it will probably mean losing my house!

  18. I really can’t understand why he is in the job he his in. He is the lowest of the low. I think he gets of on each and everyone of us that types out dislike to this waste of space. Mr Spineless !!

  19. Please refrain from using the word “man” when referring to this cretin, IDS. True ‘Men’ make stands, defend the weak, have honour and have strength. This pond life is a disgrace to the heritage placed on the word ‘man’ by the forefathers of the country. IDS = weak, feeble, spineless, uncourageous, floundering, inadequate…many a term, certainly no ‘man’.

  20. Stephen Hickerman says:

    I think that we have been conned by this bunch of fraudsters they get money anyway they can to fill there banks but don’t want to follow the rules an avoid any tax cause its offshore. An then expenses so do they ever spend any money an they can’t live on all that cash. Where’s austerity cause it doesn’t seem to apply to them only us normal down to earth peasants as they call us .

  21. Richard Callis says:

    The writing is exceptionally poor and as for the spelling, I would be ashamed to put my name with a letter of such poor pronunciation and grammar. This is by the hand of a so called leader in the D.W.P. ………………..maybe he would be better to return to school and improve both writing and grammar.

  22. He’s not spineless, he’s got a backbone of pure brass all the way up to his neck. We need an overhaul of the whole political system, and after this government is ousted, this man needs to be arrested and put on trial for treason, along with all the other corrupt bastards. They are killing Great Britain.

  23. Awe pass me a tissue this man is the biggest bastard walking. And just to add in todays paper MPs want another pay rise what a joke they are. This a man who lives in the mansion owned by his in laws and spends tax payers money on his breakfast to a cost of £37 in my opinion he should resign

  24. Steve Wiltshire says:

    I asked the Met Police to prosecute IDS as it is clear his policies have killed people by starving them or forcing them into suicide They refused by return of post saying there is no evidence of wrong doing.
    Do the death figures not speak for themselves and if they investigated individual cases they would have the evidence

  25. Gerry Marshall says:

    IDS wrote a letter to my daughters M.P. after she complained that he had taken away her attendance allowance, when changing to this new benefit which allows him to create the new holocaust, his letter stated that my daughter had been medically examined by ATOS the company he has hired to assassinate everyone who is disabled and found to be much better and fitter than she was 2 years ago, my daughter never had any such medical, but what did happen in the last two years was she went into complete renal failure, had three heart attacks, suffered with her transplanted heart and eventually died two weeks ago, IDS is a murdering, Lying Bastard… If I ever come face to face with him he better run away.

  26. I used to worry about my hand writing
    Since my stroke but when I saw his
    Writing it cheered me up.if he can get a job a job will come eventually,
    I haven’t made anyone’s life a misery.

  27. Having summarised medical records for many years, I can truly say that this man’s hand writing is worse than any doctors, and I have often accused them of having a spider write up their medical notes!

  28. they don’t complain when they get a pay increase ,,this year it will be at least 1.5% of their total income not including their expenses ..
    what is 1.5% of sod all … coz that is all they deserve

  29. Dont swear that much much but all the above i agree with this heartless sadist cunt of a man has made millions of peoples lifes a misery and will never stop untill wee the people vote this goverment out


    You should take notice on every social media that is about you…Not only are you the most deceitful man in politics but you are also being investigated by the UN…a final report will be made available in 2017 and be warned IDS you have so much to lose if you are found to be guilty of causing considerable harm and thousands of deaths to the most vulnerable people in this country.

    You will also lose the support of your family especially your incredibly loyal wife who lets you live off her money… while you focus on destroying many more lives of the weak and disabled in this country…Karma awaits you

  31. Sadly since the rise of the Anti Christ, Thatcher, the plight of the sick, disabled, and those in low pay employment. has got more desperate every year. Selling council houses sounded a wonderful idea. But now those ex council houses are still being rented to the poor who will never be able to buy their own homes. Housing benefits are paid to the poor who then hand it over to private landlords who keep putting up the rents!!!
    When the only group of workers who could stand up to her, she made sure she was in a position to beat them down totally destroying the Miners Union and the Mining Industry.
    The Unions that are left are too weak and their powers have been taken away.

    Maggi Thatcher did she use the ancient philosophy ? “Once you have secured the battle field. You must then massacre the enemy”.

  32. Ian DuncanSmith i hope all this hate IS getting to you ,and you have a nervous break down , then yull have nowhereto go as there are no mental care left in this county.ho i forgot your rich and you don,t care ,IDS I HATE YOU !!!!!

  33. Leave sick and disable and poor people alone let them live there life’s. Stop cutting the benefits. Mps should not get pay rise. Mps should have pay cut too. Plus work 7 days a week especially the minsters.

  34. Despicable Creature. No sympathy, no empathy and no basic human feelings whatsoever. Resign before you kill/murder more Disabled and Vulnerable people. You are a coward who runs away from debates concerning any of you policies.

  35. Peter Thompson says:

    well he certainly knows how to whip up an already raging storm upon himself, lol(if it wasn’t SOOO serious) He’s not the C*nt(I’m careful how I write, :-)), that’s Hunt; IDS is a (totally useless) Irritable D(bowel) Syndrome?

  36. Tories always, always, always try to blame others for what they cause, because they know all most people know about politics is the last Tory propaganda headline they read.

  37. Ian Duncan Smith is an outstanding example of everything I endeavour not to be. Arrogant,uncaring,selfish and the epitome of everything nasty about the tories. How this abominable man can attain such high office can only be through contacts rather than ability.

  38. Just think this man could have been prime minister, where would we be now. Slaughter houses for the disabled would have been in every DWP building.

  39. I think people on this thread should stop holding back and let everyone know what they truly think of Ian Duncan Smith…………………………. that spinelss, ignorant, smug, self satisfied p.o.s.

  40. Failed lader of the party,now showing what a big man he is doing what Tories generally do attacking the working classes, Welfare Stat and the public sector, done because its pure political ideology, nothing todo with cutting the deficit ,look at countries borrowing now, up on what the Labour party had, wonder if they’ll blame the labour party again

  41. I think, as another has commented, he wrote ‘new’, not ONS. I certainly don’t read that as ‘ONS’ (spoken as someone who has had years of deciphering bad handwriting 😉 )

  42. IDS is an appalling little shit who thinks its worth rejoicing when he attacks the vulnerable. In addition he’s been caught out many times lying, remember the leaflets quoting people who had supposedly benefited from being sanctioned. Absolute hogwash no one is pleased at being sanctioned. Also its alleged his CV has little to do with reality ie university, army etc.
    Hate the man and even if he was on fire I wouldn’t piss on him AND I’m an ex TORY voter

  43. This man is just evil. His reforms have only brought misery to the most vulnerable. How can he justify the millions he has wasted on appeals,and screw ups by the DWP and universal credit. The whole system is in chaos. But rather than fix it he is making it worse and blaming everyone else for his incompetence. And then as a kick in the teeth mp s are offered a pay rise. IDs should be made to live on benefits for a year, sanctioned, made to go to food banks and learn what it is like for the poor and vulnerable. To put the disabled through hell like he has makes me think he is not human. I hope he gets charged with murder, he has killed more people than Shipman. I hate the sight of him. I hope he dies an agonising death. Torture would be to good for him.

  44. The best thing that could happen to that man is to take him down a dark alley and kick the shit out him, smarmy bastard

  45. This apology of a human being, IDS is not fit to hold office. I hold him in contempt and ask him to resign immediately. Disgrace to humanity.

  46. Brenda Gascoigne says:

    I wish people would stop calling the poor man a cunt. He has neither the warmth, nor the depth of one, and he certainly isn’t as useful!

  47. He talks of ‘good intent’….is this the kind of good intent that Shipman extended to his patients? IDS is a undoubtedly a psychopath and a criminal who should be tried for corporate manslaughter.

  48. The guys a twat, and needs sacking a s a p,plus our government should be looking after our own, not ignoring our pain, in favour of those on the outside…

  49. Basically he’s saying that all reports of the deaths caused by his department are false and smears . He wants Frank FIeld and the committee to marks his departments arbiet frie policies as Excellent and that he should carry on with the
    murder of the innocents. No doubt Frank FIeld and co will comply . They have Lordships awaiting and other cosy government jobs to fulfil. It’s not for them the job of holding government to account They won’t rock the Tory gravy train of self advancement through public suffering .

  50. I am totally disgusted with the government, who have committed many crimes against humanity in England and I would like to see them all punished for this crime, and the harm they are guilty of to our country. Their can be no other law’s except English law fact and by allowing another law that is not English, is an insult to British people and by the government doing this they have committed high treason and should be punished for this crime also.

  51. When the Untouchable become touchable it scares the crap out of them. Tories it’s time to pay the Piper. The good people of this country have all seen the error of voting for you and its time that you left office. Dishonest, no empathy or concern for the vulnerable, self serving superior elitists who have no notion of how poorer members of our society exist. Just exist. Try the ‘undercover boss’ idea, you might get an incline of the devastation you are causing. But then you may have to address what you really are. Fill the rest in yourself. …

  52. What changed with IDS regime was the brief given to the ESA and WCA . Under Labour the brief was benign but under IDS it became vicious in the extreme

  53. What changed with IDS regime was the brief given to the ESA and WCA . Under Labour the brief was benign but under IDS it became vicious in the extreme

  54. He is a traitor and a proper criminal he needs to be in front of a grand jury then sent to trial and if guilty of treason hang him as he is evil and pure scum 🙂

  55. I read a comment on here… Imagine he could been Prime Minister… How bad could it of been then? They are all on the same page. Cameron, IDS, Hunt, Osbourne, Fallon, Gove… The fucking lot of them are self serving cunts. Back Corbyn, it’s simple. Why is he apparently so unelectable according to the Tories and the right wing press? Guess what they are shit scared of a man who speaks the truth

  56. Ask a graphologist to analyse this arrogant little shit’s handwriting and they would probably say it reflects his character – incomprehensible with words written carelessly with no thought or concern as to whether or not it is readable or understandable to the recipient. This could be construed as being devious, dishonest and self-centred.

  57. Its perectly possible for any government to produce any policy and a following government ti amend it. That’s democracy. But when the following government ie Tory completly changes the said policy in leage with the devil (any Tory MP) and blames the last government for the policy that’s a bit rich.

  58. Thanks to this man I have exactly £70 to live on for a month for myself and my son, whilst coping with 3 disabilities myself I now have the added pressure of worrying how I will cope. I think this wont go on much longer as when people are hungry they react with anger. God forbid I’m anywhere near him when I’m angry. I would be seen as a hero to rid the uk of this narcissistic arsehole. good riddance IDS.

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