Boots jobs cuts

Pharmacy chain Boots has given one thousand workers the boot since the election — after claims that electing Labour would cost jobs.

This week, the chain announced it was cutting another 350 jobs across its stores to reduce costs. But last February, Boots’ boss — billionaire tax avoider Stefano Pessina — told the Telegraph:

“If they acted as they speak, it would be a catastrophe”

The Mail piled in, claiming “Labour threatens British jobs”:

“Instead of defending their policies, the red mist descended as Labour hurled abuse at Mr Pessina – whose company employs 60,000 people in the UK”

This week’s blow to Boots staff followed the announcement of over 700 job losses in June last year in the aftermath of its merger with US pharmacy chain Walgreens.

They’re all a bit silent now in asking why Boots is cutting jobs anyway.

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  1. I stopped buying from Boots when they were asset stripped a while back.

    I was glad I did when I found out how badly the local Boots was treating its staff.

    When they “renovated” the local shop they stopped selling a lot of non-pharmacy items and the windows were painted white instead of having a display. Not helpful in a tourist village.

    Folks from the neighbouring villages go into the nearest town because the pharmacist will not do special arrangements for people who come by bus to be served promptly so they can catch the bus on its return trip (we are almost the terminus, so the bus comes back in about ten minutes). That means a long wait in the cold. Not helpful if folks are ill.

    If they are losing business they have only themselves to blame.

  2. You can’t find any staff there anyway, like everywhere else it’s about lining pockets of those with huge vested financial interests what’s new? It takes about half hour to get served and if you only have half hour lunchbreak and walking time don’t waste your time

  3. If Labour gets in and opposes anti union legislation Boots etc wouldn’t find it so easy to lay off workers and pay minimum wages.

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