While the parliamentary Labour Party’s current woes are undeniable, giddy Tory MPs seem to be losing perspective on matters outside the Westminster bubble — i.e. that much of the North of England was recently under water.

Jeremy Corbyn:

“Last week I met people in York who had been affected by flooding. I met a young couple, Chris and Victoria, whose home had been flooded …

[interruption from Tories]

“It wasn’t very funny for them.

“This young couple lost many of their possessions: photos, children’s toys, school work …”

Having asked about insufficient pump capacity at the River Foss barrier, Jezza concluded:

“Those people want answers from all of us and in particular from the prime minister.”

This was then followed up by clearly audible ‘whooping’ from the Tory benches:

Stay. Classy.

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Hameron as usual decided to spend more time avoiding the questions using the bog standard reshuffle as his excuse.
    I wonder how long his spads spent teaching him his Shakespearean lines… because thats what us plebs want when our houses are flooded out – quotes from Shakespeare instead of actual answers and support.
    David Hameron – what a f*king Knobhead.

  2. why do we tolerate this crap? We deserve better. Why the F*** don’t the “terrorists” target the right people?

  3. Justice for British workforce says:

    It is our own fault. We allowed ourselves to become complacent. That complacency allowed the greedy self actualisers to creep I when our guardd was down. Before we knew it we were being beaten and weakened. We became demoralised and disillusioned as we watched our unions weaken, our rights eroded, our services privatised. Then came Corbyn. Get behind him before we have no way back

  4. PMQ is a total disgrace, i heard most of todays while working. Cameron and co should be ashamed that they behave like posh arseholes when answering questions that affect peoples lives. The so called £40 million will do absolutley nothing to prevent the next flood as his posh pals will absorb that into their surveys or private companies doing work for the enviroment agency. We give more than that away every week to Europe etc so why dont they get off their arses and claim some of that money back.
    While im not a lover of any politician we elected these people to represent us and they treat us as mear trash while they lard it up on expenses its time to vote these parasites off the posh thrones they have created

  5. These childish misbehaved rude people run our country! We have no hope. Do they ever listen to themselves after and feel ashamed?

  6. Why are we surprised that the Conservatives Simply Don’t Care About the plight of normal people. What’s worst is that they seem to be enjoying the situation that these poor unfortunate people have found themselves in. However, they are safe in the knowledge that as the next election approaches, their friends controlling the Tory Media will turn the majority of us into Conservative Voters.

  7. Well t think the Tory pm car’s as much as any MP that would rather you paid for you own flood damage. His cuts of core will have had nothing to do with the contribution to the we see to Date i bet it would be a different story id the theme’s barrier failed and let flood damage water in to the hart of the city . So what do i think no answers on the mesas the Tory have left us with. Time i think we sorted out the Rote we call government and got down to some real flood planing the sort we would see in the USA. Did you know thay have flood channels there that Dubber-al as roads when there’s. no flooding and can be closes to ether divert flood water or hold it till it can be release in to the river sis-tom … now do you think he would do better of if our PM would be answering the bloody questions when ask …Les

  8. Denise Marsden says:

    I am disgusted by the contempt the government display towards real people suffering real hardship as a result of unintelligent short term policies that serve their own interests.

  9. All of this manufactured right-wing stuff about a ‘split’ in the Labour party (more like garbage disposal) will be nothing to what happens when the Euro referendum fatally divides the Tories. Let’s just sit back and watch the shits hit the fan!

  10. Same old, from the tory scum, they have no intelligent answers to Jeremys questions, so they resort to pathetic schoolboy tactics to drown out his questions.Utterly pathetic, what the hell are these morons doing in politics? They’re supposed to be public servants, I suggest they go back to the nursery where they belong!!!!!!

  11. Nothing will change until we take ACTION instead of complaining. Everybody knows what they are now. They are helping nobody but themselves and neglecting the people that they are supposed to respect and serve in the best possible way. i.e.US! This is the worst thing about social media, we all sit around complaining, which they don’t give a toss about.We know all the answers. We know what needs to be done. Sadly, there it ends for us. There will be nothing left for us in 2020, four short little years. Think.

  12. The sooner that terrorist sympathiser’s out of Westminster the better.

    And yes, I DO mean David Cameron. Clearly he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but his rich chums and the Saudi head choppers.

  13. I hope that all those OAP’s whose votes were most certainly bought by the cons are listening and watching these apes and perhaps at the next GE they will think of our society as a whole, not just few extra pennies in their pension increases.

  14. The people who are supposed to represent their voters , are so out of touch with the suffering that is being lived with in this country at the moment , are unbelievable. So out of touch , so lacking in compassion . Unreal, arrogant bully boys. We need more Corbin ………..

    You see were not that different we all think that WASTE-MINSTER is life in a gilded cage.
    Lucky for us we have a Scottish National Party in Edinburgh government, who actually seem to care and do at least try and get things done for the betterment of their electorate.
    Please read the following:-


    The European Union has a fund for countries hit by natural disasters. It is not a fund specifically aimed at Eastern Europe, but open to all member states. Germany has even received funds from it.

    Floods are natural disasters. Britain is a member of the European Union.

    It is entitled to claim from this fund.

    However Mr Cameron has decided not to ask for any help. (Fair warning: This link is from the Daily Express, a UKIP newspaper, and the article is fiercely anti-Europe.)

    I’m pretty sure Scottish (English), taxpayers flooded out of their homes, and the Scottish government, who are on a limited and fixed budget, would appreciate any help from Brussels that could be made available. However, as Scotland is not a member state, the Scottish government cannot apply for this money.

    Given that the Tories appeared to laugh at the plight of flooded families at today’s PMQs, it is understandable that they wouldn’t want to be bothered applying, but the Scottish government does care, so perhaps someone in London could give us permission to ask for help to dry out our people?

    This is not the first time that Britain has refused help from the EU (which it then whines costs the country a fortune). £22 million was set aside by the EU for Britain, to help feed people who were in extreme poverty.

    I’m sure that beneficiaries and benefactors of food banks alike would have welcomed the EU taking some of the strain.

    But it was declined by the Tories who though it was better for the British government to deal with poverty! Presumably they deal with it by leaving it to charities and having a laugh about hungry kids.

    All this from a country (with 1 million plus people using food banks) which insists on giving foreign aid to countries which don’t need it, despite, in some cases, that country begging the UK NOT to give them money.

    Sorry if it is too long.

  16. John davidson says:

    When is Jeremy going to stand up and give these people a broadside and verbally give them a good kicking because personally he needs to get a speech writer and answer people back with a robust and challenging retort

  17. Anonymous says:
    January 6, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    why do we tolerate this crap? We deserve better. Why the F*** don’t the “terrorists” target the right people?


    who do you think orchestrates the terrorists and funds them?

  18. Mavis Catherina Walker says:

    It’s strange how people have such short memories , I can remember when the Iron Lady was in power and the damage she did ; and it hasn’t changed . Yes indeed I tuned into PMQ time and was totally disgusted by David Cameron’s attitude and replies to a man who was in opposition to him, who was also putting forward the concerns of those who are suffering in this country ; and who has been elected to do so . Shame on you David Cameron your action did not show that you and your party had any thought for the people of this country at all .

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