Today’s urgent session on the Bedroom Tax saw various fiery exchanges across the Commons floor — but the most passionate broadside at Iain Duncan Smith was saved until the very final question.

Manchester MP Andrew Gwynne was demanding an answer as to how the DWP could justify spending public money to overturn a court ruling which declared the Bedroom Tax to be illegal earlier this week.

The judgement was based on two cases:

  1. Grandparent carers for a severely disabled boy: the so-called ‘spare room’ is filled with equipment that teenager Warren — who cannot walk, talk or feed himself — needs for his care.
  2. A victim of extreme domestic violence: the so-called ‘spare room’ is a panic room to protect a single mother from her former partner, who has raped and assaulted her.

Readers might well wonder why Duncan Smith is sitting down.

That’s because he didn’t have the guts to answer the questions himself — so whispered them for delivery by junior minister Justin Tomlinson. Quiet man, indeed.

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Strange, he’s not fist pumping this time is he… perhaps he knows that every single policy he has introduced is turning to sh*t and – worse – is now being publicly called out. (Which is about bloody time!)

    Even the tory press is loosing its patience with him, no longer touting him as “the great reformer” but instead limiting its self to only printing press releases, which the tory supporting BTL (DM) commentators then rip to pieces. The torygraph has even gone one step further, it no longer allows any comments on any articles that have IDS and welfare reform within them.

  2. He’s the typical bully boy, Bullies the disabled, vunerable, benefit claimants, Then when the Bullied fight back, the bully says nothing. He’s a fri**ing weasel who’s done nothing but cost this country billions in appeals and lack of IT systems , Bedroom tax. he couldn’t even tell the truth as to what university he went to. Had the cheek to call Jeremy Corbyn for only having a
    E grade.
    At least he his passionate about helping people. This plonker is costing us billions in illegal activities.and court appeals that he loses at every one.

  3. Can they (as in the tories) not be prosecuted for misuse of public funds for fighting to have this decision overturned?

  4. What we have to be careful of here, is this looks very much like a “Smoke Screen”, to elude the public from much greater matters. I apologise to all disabled at this point as they are being used as pawns in a much bigger picture.
    The systematic dismantling of the NHS to the private corporations, owned in part by the very politicians doing the dismantling.
    Why fund a war in a far away land.? The sales of armaments to the Saudis, who are killing innocent victims for profit, again for big corporations with links to the very same politicians doing the bidding for war.
    Funding for Trident, again the contracts go to corporations with links to the afore mentioned politicians.
    The list goes on and on and will not be stopped until this current government is voted out. Then we can start to repair the damage the rich wish to reign on the poor.

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