Iain Duncan Smith: still here

Iain Duncan Smith is advertising for yet another director general for the failing Universal Credit scheme — meaning the disastrous programme could clock up eight different bosses in a little more than five years.

With the DWP project behind schedule and just £34 million of IT set to be usable from more than £600 million spent (if it ever reaches completion) the successful applicant will be earning every penny of their £140,000 salary — as the job spec requires them to rewind time and perform magic tricks:

“Ensuring the Universal Credit Programme is … organised to deliver to agreed time, cost and quality criteria.”

Here’s the run-down of the current postholder and his predecessors:

  1. December 2010: Terry Moran (director general)
  2. October 2011: Malcolm Whitehouse (programme director)
  3. November 2012: Philip Langsdale (died a month into post)
  4. December 2012: Hilary Reynolds (programme director)
  5. March 2013: David Pitchford (interim chief executive)
  6. May 2013: Howard Shiplee (director general)
  7. October 2014: Neil Couling (director general)

Someone still has a job though, eh Iain!

  1. Alan Watkins-Groves says:

    You’re still there because no-one else wants to dip his/her hand in the shit bucket you’ve created.

  2. This is the public paying for a condensed welfare package at any cost so the govt can put it all out to tender. That’s why they keep chucking money at it. We paying for it by subsidising it until it becomes a sell able “product” none of the Serco G4E would touch it just now, so they keep chucking money at it until they will.

  3. If you want to blame anyone blame that Cameron who allows this imbecile to continue in his so called job title?…the next candidate who is thinking about replacing IDS needs to seriously think how this will effect their future employment when this UC scheme fails again with knowing it was IDS total incompetence?

  4. Sick, disabled and mentally ill people are suffering and dying because their money has been stopped by DWP. People are starving and forced into going to foodbanks. People are losing their homes and living on the streets.
    I am so angry at Ian Duncan Smith wasting hundreds of millions on this project.

  5. I agree Rachel its totally disgusting how he’s is allowed to waste millions of Tax payers money when there are people going without food or shelter…i guess Psychopaths don’t have any conscious do they???

  6. The money they have wasted has gone to the Tory bum boys,if you look into it a bit more all the contracts to set this universal credit up have gone to those who have greased the Tory party wheels with a few mil here and a few mil there! Sounds a lot,but look how much its costing,the contract to set it up is like a license to print money,so this is the Tory party way,line their own pockets on tax payers cash,I don’t no what people thought when they voted Tory,they do the same thing every time they are in power,look at mad Maggie,history repeating itself. TORY BASTARDS.

  7. The government that takes care of their own!! Money grabbing, thoughtless, lying, greedy, withought a thought to genuine people trying to make a go of their lives , having come up through severe setbacks in life. Let’s hope you do not reap as you sow you self centred limited capacity for human compassion nasty pieces of work. I pray for your downfall just as you pray for ours. You miserable excuses for humans. There will be a karmic uprising soon watch out for yourselves.

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