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With Scrapbook establishing that former Tory MP (and now former Sun On Sunday columnist) Louise Mensch’s “major new role” might not be all its cracked up to be, the News Corp press office has since been stonewalling your humble correspondents.

This is a pity, because their switchboard was very helpful, revealing that she doesn’t actually have a phone or assistant listed with them — despite claiming to be a ‘Vice President’ of the Fortune 500 company.

Louise Mensch Linkedin

Well it appears the Guardian’s media diary have had more luck, extracting comment from both News Corp and Mensch herself:

A News Corp spokesman confirmed that Mensch has been working for the company owned by Rupert Murdoch on “digital projects in the creative/strategic arena”.

None of which should come as a surprise to Mensch’s LinkedIn followers, as she pointed out to Political Scrapbook this week.

But what is she doing? “Fun stuff”, Mensch tells Monkey. Which perhaps explains why she is spending so much time on Twitter.

Digital projects, eh? Just like old times!

Louise Mensch with Luke Bozier

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