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Scottish National Party officials have been left red-faced after blocking a candidate selected by members on the basis that they “failed vetting” — only to find the approved candidate they imposed on a local party embroiled in a tax avoidance scandal.

Coatbridge MP Philip Boswell admitted benefiting from a tax avoidance scheme last month and now faces an investigation by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

The news comes after hypocrite Boswell demanded George Osborne close tax loopholes — and told his local paper:

“Tax avoidance costs the economy nearly four times as much as benefit fraud, yet this government blames the most vulnerable in society for the economic problems caused by a lack of regulation and enforcement in the financial industry.”

Back in December blogger Aidan Kerr lifted the lid on the SNP’s Coatbridge selection process, which saw the candidacy of Dr Imtiaz Majid binned — to Boswell’s benefit — after he won the contest “by a large margin”.

Then SNP now faces the humiliating prospect of suspending the whip from a third MP, joining Natalie McGarry (missing campaign funds) and Michelle Thomson (mortgage fraud allegations).

That vetting process worked well then!

There is no suggestion that Boswell acted illegally.

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