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With her Sun On Sunday column ditched, Louise Mensch claims to have been elevated to a “major new role” — but apparently not major enough to bear mention in a News Corp press release or anywhere in the media, so she has thoughtfully taken to letting people know on Twitter:

“Vice-President, Creative and Strategy”, eh?

Louise Mensch Linkedin

Well Scrapbook just put in a call to News Corp’s HQ in NYC:

Scrapbook: Can you put me through to Louise Mensch’s extension, please?
News Corp switchboard:
 She actually doesn’t have a phone listed
Scrapbook: Does she have a PA or secretary to speak to?
News Corp switchboard: She doesn’t have an assistant

No assistant and reception doesn’t have her phone number.

Sounds pretty impressive!

  1. I seem to remember her being part of the Select Committee for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport where she was grilling Murdoch & Son. Well, when I say grilling perhaps an interrogation more like a cosy fireside chat with an old friend. If she does have such important meetings as Vice Chair, Creative Strategy, NewsCorp I hope she organises her child care arrangement a little better so she doesn’t have to get up and leave halfway through the session to go and pick up the kids from school.

  2. Rumy Vakarelska says:

    Small world for the few. However, I have a good question to ask – why the senior foreign correspondents in London labouring for years covering UK politics and economy and being also asked to be part of UK’s marketing machine for free do not have a physical lobby in London to change a bit UK’s media landscape?
    Would a private benefactor take on this great publicity opportunity to actually back up a permanent spot of a few tables with Wi-Fi in Westminster? I have run a European Journalism Group while writing and producing stories as a City and Whitehall correspondent out of nothing with no backing and office space against the backdrop of zero support to enable this work happen as UK journalism and media need country comparative stories to get out of the vicious close circles’ interests. This place used to exist and I am here to bring the best journalists joint it. Rumy Vakarelska, Team New Europe, editorial partnership producing exclusives for UK and global media.

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