Paul Rowen bananas protest

With suspended Labour MP Simon Danczuk now reported to police over expense claims,  perhaps he has reflected — when not attending to his unfolding mid-life crisis — on the irony of sending fancy dress campaigners to target a former Lib Dem opponent who claimed for a 40p banana.

Paul Rowen bananas protest

While ex-Lib Dem MP Paul Rowen was rightly blasted for siphoning thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash to the Lib Dems, the townsfolk of Rochdale are now represented by Danczuk, who proceeded to claim £2,425 each per year for four ‘dependant children’ from whom he is estranged — with the bill coming to £28,000.

Since leveraging the parliamentary expenses scandal to get elected, Danczuk has also:

  • ranked amongst the highest claiming MPs
  • employed his own wife in his office — a practice which was set to be banned until MPs complained — including 621 hours of overtime
  • received kickbacks from a paparazzi photo agency with which he co-operated on stories about his private life

One might say Danczuk has slipped on his own banana skin (sorry).

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