DEFRA Committee: Dilley dallied

You probably won’t have heard of Chris Dilley, the now former chair of the Enivronment Agency, but he may be responsible for the best resignation statement of all time.

It actually contains the words:

“I have not made any untrue or misleading statements, apart from …”

Facing questions about his absence from the UK during devastating floods, Dilley has been forced to quit after trying to hide the fact he was in holiday in Barbados.

He also whinges about being expected to show up in wellies when homes are underwater — despite getting paid £100,000 a year for three days per week.

Annotations courtesy of the Mirror’s Dan Bloom:

Envirinment Agency Philip Dilley resignation

This surely rivals the tractor-crash interview which bookended the tenure of his predecessor, Chris Smith.

At least Dilley never had his car blocked in by angry locals.

  1. How long before the old boys network clicks into action and he’s handed another well paid post? I’d say he’s just got enough time for few weeks in the sun.

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