David Cameron at Leeds womens' centre

With the government set to withdraw spousal visas from immigrants that fail to learn English, David Cameron has naturally arranged a photo op with Muslim women.

But Scrapbook can reveal the visit is in the Leeds area — where a university study has blamed poor English class provision on cuts.

The arrangements around the trip started to cause something of a stink — with a Sky News producer complaining that Number 10 spinners wouldn’t tell them where they were going … and then wouldn’t let them speak to the Muslim women at the centre they visited.

That’s right. They wouldn’t let Muslim women speak to the press on a visit about claimed patriarchal subjugation of, errrrr, Muslim women.

And thanks to some amazing people on Twitter, Scrapbook has established that the visit appears to be in the Leeds area.

Well here’s what Leeds City Council’s website has to say about so-called ‘English for Speakers of other languages’ (ESOL) classes in the city:

“From 2001 to 2009 the field of ESOL lay within Skills for Life, a national policy aimed at addressing shortcomings in adult basic skills. From 2009 onwards, however, a series of cuts to central government funding has left the field of ESOL in some disarray …

“An overarching conclusion of the study [by the University of Leeds] was that the erosion of the cohesive framework afforded by Skills for Life had led to a return to the fragmented picture of ESOL provision of previous times

In other words, provision is a disaster because of cuts.

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