Bolton council mystery councillor

A tribunal is set to rule on the anonymity of a Lancashire councillor who failed to pay two £1,000 council tax bills after the Labour representative took their own local authority to court in a bid to keep their identity secret.

The mystery Bolton Council member — who was entitled to a minimum £11,000-per-annum allowance courtesy of the taxpayer — was apparently unable to pay their bills in 2012 and 2013. They were summoned to court before eventually entering into a payment plan.

The Local Government Finance Act bans councillors who are more than two months behind with payments from voting to set the level of council tax.

The local paper have now been fighting for three years to unmask them:

“During the hearing, at Field House, The Bolton News’s legal representative Anya Proops, argued that, because the councillor could have hypothetically been unable to vote on the council’s budget, voters will never know if that councillor performed their duties unless they are named.”

Surely voters have a right to know whether their councillor was banned from representing their interests?

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