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David Cameron has capitulated to EU rebels in his own government, giving them them free reign to campaign for Brexit. The move comes a year and one day after going on telly and saying “very clearly” that his ministers would not be given a free vote.

The PM told jubilant EU rebels earlier this afternoon:

“it will be open to individual ministers to take a different personal position while remaining part of the government”

Andrew Marr Show 4 January 2015:

AM: Would you give cabinet ministers and other Conservatives who want to campaign for an out, the freedom to do so in such a referendum?

DC: Well, there are Conservative Members of Parliament who want the leave the European Union come what may, but if you’re part of the government, then clearly you’re part of the team that is aiming for the renegotiation referendum

AM: So you’re not going to do a free vote as Labour did in, in the 70s

DC: No, I’ve set out that very clearly in the past

“Very clearly”, eh?

It’s very clear that Cameron’s whole EU renegotiation and party management is a shambles.

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