Basildon Council deputy mayor chain

A Tory-led council implementing massive austerity cuts has splashed out thousands of pounds on a new chain for their deputy mayor because they wanted something “more bling”, Scrapbook has been told.

Basildon Council has replaced the original neckwear — a ribbon-mounted enamel crest set in ornate silver (pictured above left) — with a chunky gold-coloured chain (right). The original, valued at £5,000, is now lying unused in municipal offices.

But the row is set to intensify after Tory councillor Chris Jackman confessed that the ribbon and crest used by mayors’ deputies for five decades, was replaced because … brace yourself … it didn’t look impressive enough in front of dignitaries from other boroughs(!)

Speaking to Scrapbook earlier, Jackman, who wore the ribbon and crest himself while deputy mayor in 2012, whinged:

“When mayors are at a function they are called the ‘chain gang’. Then someone from Basildon turns up and it’s the ‘ribbon gang’.”

Never mind social care and children’s services … won’t someone please think of Tory councillors’ hurt pride?

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