Transatlantic Educational Alliance: Mark Clarke and Matthew Richardson

“Mark Clarke is a menace”, said the founder of Young Britons Foundation (YBF) as the scandal of alleged bullying in the conservative youth movement approached the door of his so-called ‘Tory madrasa’. But if the senior management at YBF thought Clarke such an unpleasant character — why did one of them form a company with him one month after the general election?

YBF executive director Matthew Richardson (who is also party secretary of UKIP) formed Transatlantic Educational Alliance Ltd with Clarke back in June, with each taking a 50% shareholding.

While the pair applied to have the company struck off last month in the wake of the allegations engulfing Clarke,  its name — and the pedigree of its founders — suggest the firm could have operated some form of youth education initiative.

Don’t all rush at once, kids!

Mark Clarke strongly denies wrongdoing.

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