Mark Pawsey Save E-cigarettes

A Tory MP used PMQs to solicit an endorsement of e-cigarettes from David Cameron — after receiving £1,650 in hospitality from a manufacturer of e-cigarettes.

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey (video 17:20 here):

“will the prime minister join me in highlighting the role that e-cigarettes can play in helping people give up tobacco for good?”

Cameron responded — to the delight of the e-cigs industry:

“It is promising to see that a million people have used e-cigarettes to help them quit or replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes completely, so I think we should be making clear that this is a very legitimate path to improve their health”

Mark Pawsey is the chair of a pro-vaping all party parliamentary group (APPG), established in late 2014.

The group’s point of contact is listed as lobbyist Ian Gregory of ABZED Communications, who “worked for three [unnamed] clients in the e-cigarette sector”. Gregory is also listed, via another lobbying outfit, as a press contact for E-Lites e-cigarettes.

The E-Lites brand was acquired by Japan Tobacco in June 2014. That’s the, errrr, same Japan Tobacco that treated Pawsey to £1,650 in sporting hospitality at the end of September.

  1. Yet health experts believe they can be more dangerous.

    So it’s more disgraceful that this cash for promotion in house is allowed to go unquestioned

  2. No….health experts do not believe they are more dangerous.
    £1650 pales into insignificance when compared to the amount governments worldwide make from the sales of deadly combustibles….
    Never mind big pharma and big tobacco .
    These are where any questions should be aimed and should have been many years ago….look up ‘master settlement agreement’ …..try billions
    No one has managed to link so much as a cough to vaping(with the exception of usual daily mail nonsense) and they’ve been in regular use for 10yrs.

  3. Health experts at Public Health England don’t believe they’re more dangerous, nor attractive to kids. In reality they’re much much safer than the press would have you believe.

  4. Some people here missing the main point – this is about arrogance of power and blatent corruption. Time and again we see this government has no integrity and is just feathering nests of Tory elite.

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