YBF conference cancelled

The hard-right Young Britons Foundation (YBF) has been forced to cancel its annual conference owing to its links with Mark Clarke, the ‘Tatler Tory’ at the centre of bullying claims rocking the Conservative Party.

Clarke (second right above), who strongly denies any wrongdoing, has been accused of assaulting a female Tory official after ‘gatecrashing’ a YBF event in the Summer. Clarke previously served as the group’s outreach director. YBF founder Donal Blaney (above left) denies knowledge of criminal wrongdoing by others.

An irong-free statement on the website of the so-called Tory madrasa:

Given the understandable media interest surrounding allegations of bullying of young activists within the Conservative Party, the Young Britons’ Foundation has taken the decision to postpone the 12th Young Britons’ Foundation Activist Training Conference (known as YBFXII) due to be held this weekend.

This decision was reached after young female activists were being randomly called by BBC journalists and asked whether they had been sexually assaulted, seemingly without any regard for their mental well-being in doing so.

YBF, which is not affiliated to the Conservative Party or any other political party, takes its duty of care to YBFXII attendees very seriously and is simply not prepared to risk young activists being targeted and harassed at this year’s conference, the date and location of which is publicly known.

Six cabinet ministers had already pulled out of speaking at the event, all citing … erm … diary clashes.

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