Lucy Allan

A Tory MP who apologised after fabricating an email containing a death threat could face legal action as a result of social media outbursts — including her latest late-night Facebook rant.

In a lengthy five-paragraph diatribe, Telford MP Lucy Allan ‘named and shamed’ a number of local councillors, accusing them of a two-year campaign of “fear, smear, lies, threats, slurs and abuse”. She also claimed that a councillor’s son was “a stalker” — not an allegation to make lightly.

Allan has now deleted her Facebook page and apparently quit Twitter — despite publishing a ‘contract’ with her constituents stating she will “continue to be accessible to you via social media”.

And the row could yet hit the courts — with a local political source telling Scrapbook that:

“All options — including legal action — are on the table.”

This one could yet get quite expensive.

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    She lied, compounded her lie, ranted how unfair it was she had been found to be lying, went full on attack mode to everyone who pointed out she had lied then acted like a spoilt child by deleting facebook and twitter – the equivalent of sticking virtual fingers in virtual ears and going “can’t hear you… lalalalalalalalala”.
    But hey, she’ll no doubt blame [edit] pressure of work, being a bit emotional, Jeremy Corbyn supporters, Jeremy Corbyn himself, her cat died, or some other made up random shit.

  2. Lucy Allen has demonstrated non of the qualities you would hope to attribute to someone with the responsibility of an MP. She has misrepresented her constituents, proven to be lacking honesty and integrity, while demonstrating huge hypocracy in smearing the very people she has accused of smearing her. Most worryingly, she is completely emotionally uncontained, spilling over at every opportunity with self indulged rants trying to portray herself as the saviour of Telford, while presenting anyone who opposes her views as an enemy of the constituency. It appears that the drawbridge to Lucy Allen’s mouth is constantly down allowing anything but the word ‘sorry’ to vacate the premises. The fire that she fuels on a daily basis could have been put out at source had she had the courage to apologise, acknowledge her error and allow the constituents of Telford and the wider political arena to move on. #[email protected]?

  3. I believe that her original misdemeanour of fabricating incriminating evidence against her constituent (which would potentially have landed I’m in court!) is nothing short of criminal. Surely that alone should have brought charges? Threatening is serious but framing someone up? WORSE!

  4. If you lie in publc office you have to resign, her lie was in the public domain so she cannot claim parliamentary privilege.
    Cameron should ask for her resignation to show he is transparent when it comes to scrutinising his MPs public profiles.

  5. Patricia M O'Connor says:

    Her original claim constituted a criminal offence; her subsequent claims constitute a criminal offence. She is unfit, therefore, for public office, and should be asked to tender her resignation forthwith – even though her actions and her words clearly show her for what she is: a typical Tory.

  6. We here in Llandudno have a similar problem, the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones has continually lied about his involvement in the authorship of the now defunct troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, that is despite huge evidence to the contrary.

    This man used that blog to attack political opponents and people in general he did not like, he achieved this by hiding behind the cloak of anonymity, please google Guto Bebb and the thoughts of Oscar blog, for a better understanding.

    When I stood up to this man he attacked me and my family, he stated my disabled son is a drain on society and should never have been allowed life, he has accused me of being a paedophile (which I hasten to add is completely untrue), he has this last year had me arrested and detained on four separate occasions, (all of which I was never charged for and completely exonerated).

    All this and more this man is responsible for.

    We are at present suing North Wales Police for their collusion with this man and his blog and are trying to raise funds to take a civil action against Mr Jones himself.

    Why these type of people are seemingly allowed to get away with such vile behaviour is beyond me.

  7. eileen mcmillan says:

    She is a Tory. No-one with any political knowledge should be surprised at the depths to which they will stoop. They are immoral, lack integrity, dishonest, pretentious & judgemental. Most are sociopaths or psychopaths. They worship money & the power that comes with it. They should never be let anywhere near power.

  8. Terry Davies says:

    I agree whole heartedly that she is unfit for public office. she displays a reluctance to own her behaviour and displace blame for it to activists who plainly dont respect her. however this highlights a need for deslection by petition to be enacted as soon as possible. waiting for her resignation is detrimental to her paranoid disposition and not conuducive to fairness in politics. Determination is to be welcomed, however this determination is not to benefit Telford constituents moreso as a means to justify denial and to remain on the gravy train with some highly questionable statements and ill – advised allegations.

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