Mark Clarke with David Cameron

Embattled ‘Tatler Tory’ Mark Clarke sought to exert control over Roadtrip — the election youth campaign model at the centre of bullying claims — by registering related trademarks to a specially formed private company.

CampaignUK Ltd, which is 100% owned by Clarke, registered two trademarks with the Intellectual Property Office in a category covering:

“Political advertising; Political opinion polling; Political canvassing.”

The move could shed light on possible plans to use Roadtrip as leverage with the Conservative Party hierarchy — and could even have allowed Clarke to block the use of the name or demand royalties for its use. It is no secret that he was after a safe seat.

With CampaignUK incorporated on 17 November 2014, Clarke immediately filed to register “Roadtrip” as a trademark:

Mark Clarke company Roadtrip trademark

This was followed up with ‘Roadtrip2020’ a little more than a month after the Conservatives’ election victory:

Mark Clarke company Roadtrip2020 trademark

That’s £340 quid down the tubes then.

Mark Clarke strongly denies wrongdoing.

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