Mark Clarke Alexandra Swann

Former UKIP poster girl Alexandra Swann (pictured above with Mark Clarke in a scenario which is not as it seems) has become something of a cheerleader-in-chief for the ‘Tatler Tory’ on social media:

Alexandra Swann on Tory bullying scandal

Swann reckons that the press should stop reporting on the treatment of young activists “out of respect” for the family of tragic activist Elliott Johnson, who claimed he had been bullied before apparently committing suicide:

Alexandra Swann on Tory bullying scandal

That would be the parents whose willing and extensive appearances in the media were a critical factor in securing greater independence for an inquiry into their son’s death.

Mark Clarke strongly denies wrongdoing.

  1. David Morris MP and Roger Helmer of UKIP can both vouch for Ms Swann being a reliable employee who turns up on time and is respected. She is such a kind and thoughtful young woman.

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