Pegida UK: Tommy Robinson and Tim Scott

Having unveiled a British wing of continental anti-Islam group Pegida, former EDL knuckle-dragger Tommy Robinson has claimed he will be taking a back seat — with the group boasting a new front man.

But the tenure of Tim Scott (who vainly attempted to conceal his full name) in the media spotlight has got off to an inauspicious start. Interviewed by Channel 4 News’ Alex Thomson, he can’t seem to remember what he’s protesting against:

Scott: Errrr … there’s so many things, y’know.
Thomson: Well that’s two.
Scott: OK … errrr … all stuff to do with, y’know
Thomson: Well what? You say there’s a problem but when I ask you what it is you can’t tell me


The news comes two years since the anti-extremist Quilliam Foundation, founded by chancer Majid Nawaz, announced that Robinson had put his EDL past behind him — and sent a begging letter to the government asking for “a direct contribution so that we may fund [Robinson’s] transition and cut off his previous dependency on EDL donors.”

How’s that going then?

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