UKIP Oldham Corbyn attack leaflet

The gloves are off in the West Oldham by-election if UKIP’s latest leaflet is anything to go by.

The kippers are distributing material mocked up to look like a Labour Party flyer — with a list of Labour policies which are, errrrrr, not actually Labour policies:

  • “Axing our armed forces”
  • “Abolishing the monarchy”
  • “Hand over the Falklands to Argentina”

While the legal small print at the bottom identifies the leaflet as the work of the UKIP election agent — it does not mention the party by name.

This comes after UKIP complained loudly that presenting Nigel Farage’s views as UKIP policy was misleading.

Image via Iain Roberts

  1. Julia Silezin says:

    This leaflet is a despicable and obvious attempt to smear Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. UKIP should be prosecuted for fraud.

  2. Isn’t that illegal?

    “If the promoter is acting on behalf of
    a group or organisation, you must
    also include the group or
    organisation’s name and address.”

  3. actually he has said all this so not a slur also as he has said all this it’s not fraud also they say it’s not from labour and no he only has to include his name and the agent address

  4. PleasantDebateWasHad says:

    Hello, I distributed these leaflets in Oldham yesterday. The reverse of the leaflet is all UKIP, with lovely portraits of Nigel Farage and John Bickley. Let’s get this article updated 🙂

  5. PleasantDebateWasHad says:

    Also this leaflet does not seem to make the claims you say it does. Here’s my personal take, nothing official. A party is its people. The majority of Labour members support Corbyn and his views. Therefore, the leaflet gives a fair observation.

  6. Didn’t see the Labour supporters complaining when the exact same thing was done to UKIP during the run up to the election. Double standards?

  7. Labour pointed out what UKIP stood for – which they may well not want the electorate to know about for obvious reasons – but these are blatant lies!

  8. Pity they did not include the fact he will not protect this country if we were under terrorist attacks. Also for all the ones complaining and asking if it is illegal for this leaflet to be published, I suggest you ask the Labour party, because it is exactly what they have done in past elections.

  9. This is hilarious. I saw in May Yvette ‘refugees welcome’ Cooper threatening a return to Thatcherism with Ukip. Pot kettle black sore losers.

    Go Jez!

  10. Everything ukip has said has come true . Yet other parties will do ANYTHING to discredit them . Labour and cons have also used tactics like this against ukip . Why ? Because ukip speak the truth and they are scared . Ukip ..the only party with any common sense or back bone

  11. what you idiots fail to realise is that this is more propaganda being shovelled down your throats. It is time to WAKE UP britain.
    This is the other side of the leaflet, making it completely clear who made it:

    WAKE UP and vote UKIP if you want your children to live in a 1st world society

  12. They forgot supporter of terrorist organisations ,hypocrite, liar and two faced.I fail to see how this laflet can smear this pathetic excuse for a politician or his pedo party.Long may he stay as leader because he makes Michael foot look appealing.

  13. It says “polices of the Labour leadership”. Corbyn is the guy who leads Labour and these are his policies. The only recently elected him. The leaflet is materially correct.
    If you vote for Labour this is what you are supporting.

  14. David Britten says:

    I find it very revealing that those clearly opposed to Labour are, in the main, foul mouthed and blatantly insulting to all that they oppose. This, I believe, indicates that we of the left are hitting sore spots and are enraging those who have no intellectual argument to offer in support of their unreasoning prejudices.

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