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Now allegations of widespread doping in world athletics have turned out to be entirely true — and then some — IAAF president Seb Coe is probably hoping everybody forgets that just three months ago, the Tory peer was dismissing the accusations as “so-called experts” using “so-called information” to make “elevated”, “one-off” and “wide of the mark” allegations:

“To be selectively suggesting that an elevated one-off reading is the same as a positive test is just so wide of the mark.”

“These so-called experts – give me a break.”

This remarkably shameless poo-pooing of allegations of corruption and wrong-doing in a large organisation — in the face of overwhelming evidence — is presumably why just last year, Coe was David Cameron’s top choice to take over as chairman of the BBC Trust.

Cameron obviously wanted to continue the tradition of having a Tory peer at the top of the BBC who is well used to being accused of covering up scandals in a large organisation.

So top choice indeed.

See yesterday’s slow grilling of Coe over an open fire by Channel 4’s Jon Snow here:

  1. Seb Coe is an odious right-winger who thinks the world revolves around his right-wing judgements. Looks like you’re wrong [insert your assessment].

  2. Peter Thompson says:

    And who can forget the ‘private judo sessions’ that he and that well-known manly shagger-of-birds, William Hague used to enjoy?

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