Tracey Crouch

Tory MP and minister Tracey Crouch describes herself as a “compassionate Conservative“.

Which is strange, because Crouch has rather uncompassionately told hard-up working families who are going to be hit by George Osborne’s tax credit cuts that they will have to “go without“:

“you just sit there and you think you have to sometimes go without if you are going to have people make ends meet”

Another self-described “compassionate one nation Conservative” — former minister Ken Clarke — has also equally uncompassionately described tax credits as a “bung” to the poor:

“It is a stupid name, tax credits. It is just a taxpayer bung on top of their pay”

If compassionate Conservatism is lecturing over three million working families on the breadline who are about to lose £1,300 a year that they need to “do without”, and that they are receiving bribes – Scrapbook would hate to see what uncompassionate Conservatism is.

By the way, Tracey Crouch has claimed over a grand in expenses for ink cartridges in just the last six months and multi-millionaire Ken Clarke receives over £74,000-a-year from the taxpayer as a backbench MP.

Just saying.

  1. Graham catton says:

    This just goes to show how out of touch the tories really are. It’s ok for them to claim for everything,have cheap restuarants at the commons but if we the working majority have the gall to want to be able to live and eat we are scum and of no use. They are all a bunch of useless tossers but the voting public fell for their lies and we are stuck with them for another 4 years.

  2. People are getting wise to lies.
    Stop doing it, you cannot fluff us over with all the untruths any longer as we can see that your words are empty and hollow…compassionate Tory ….greenest government ever. ……..we won’t touch tax credits. What it the last straw going to be? When you’ve exhausted all the middle class so they’re on the breadline And the working class are on the street perhaps then you’ll wonder where all your customers have disappeared to…

  3. Interesting that you chose not to publish the bit where she said she wasn’t talking generally but was talking about some specific cases in her constituency where she’s met people who are struggling to get but lack basic financial mangement skills and are spending money on things they don’t need while not being able to afford essentials.

    Far better to remove all context and do some Tory-bashing, right? Coz you’re serious journalists, not sub-Guido bullshit merchants.

  4. Is FFS correct? Cus if he is – cut it out! We have to be better than the right wing goons & propagandists in the MSM

  5. I don’t believe that this is just hypocrisy. When Conservatives speak like this they’re not speaking to those who are affected by their vicious cuts, or even those who are opposed to these measures. They don’t feel that they need to ‘win people over,’ instead they are more eager to push these policies through. Their message is for the media, who will apply the spin, and for their middle class supporters who don’t want to be confronted by the facts.

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