Kazhakstan stamp

President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan is visiting the UK today to meet David Cameron and sign a whole series of bi-lateral business agreements with government ministers and business leaders.

The appalling human rights record of Kazakhstan’s long-term Soviet era strongman Nursultan Nazarbayev hasn’t stopped government ministers from gushingly praising the autocratic ruler in the hope of enticing him to do more business with the UK.

And the trip is going ahead despite the fact that, according to Human Rights Watch, torture remains common in Kazakhstan and perpetrators of torture often go unpunished.

Interestingly, in just March this year, the Daily Mail viciously attacked Tony Blair for doing business with Nazarbayev — describing him as a gangster (the Kazakh president, not Blair!).

So it will be interesting to see if a Tory PM gets the same treatment from the right-wing press today.

But don’t go holding your breath now.

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