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The arch-Thatcherite leading attacks on Jeremy Corbyn for ‘failing to bow enough’ at the Cenotaph yesterday previously complained about elderly army veterans ‘taking up park benches’ in his town — and even defended a fellow Tory MP who bought a Nazi uniform.

Accusing Corbyn of being “an embarrassment”, comments from former minister Sir Gerald Howarth were lapped up by a right-wing press determined to run a story attacking Corbyn no matter what actually happened on Remembrance Sunday:

“The Leader of the Opposition needs to understand that you cannot compromise on respect for our fallen, because it is those of our country who have put their lives on the line in two world wars who safeguarded for us the freedom to speak our minds today.

“He is a beneficiary of the sacrifice those men and women were prepared to make, and he needs to be uncompromising in his gratitude for them.

Yes, we should respect those who have risked their lives for our country — unless they served in the British Army’s Gurkha Brigade.

MP for Aldershot, the so-called ‘home of the British Army’, Howarth has previously attacked Gurkha veterans  who settled in the town — some of whom fought in the Falklands — complaining that they, errrrrr, monopolise benches:

“I was walking around in Aldershot on Saturday and everywhere I went there were Nepalese just basically sitting out in the open … sitting out on the park benches.

“Quite clearly, people in Aldershot I tell you are absolutely fed up and had enough of this.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end there.

When a fellow Tory MP bought a Third Reich SS officer uniform in a calculated attempt to offend locals in an area occupied by the Nazis during World War II, Howarth dismissed the scandal as “high jinks”, claiming astonishingly:

“We’ve all done it from time to time.”

In contrast, Corbyn is reported to have snubbed a VIP reception following the ceremony to mingle with veterans and applaud a march-past.

UPDATE: Listen to Howarth defending Nazi party organiser MP …

  1. Stephen Harrison says:

    This guy is nothing more than an embarrassment to his party and indeed his constituents. I wonder if he knows the meaning of the word hypocrisy. It’s his type that are destroying the unity of this country by spreading school yard propaganda and lies. He needs to grow up and realise that there are indeed more important issues that his hard working constituents want him to represent. There can only be one word to describe him and his behaviour, that word is pathetic.

  2. Gerald Howarth what a disgusting excuse for a human being. Gurkhas gave their lives for this country, they didn’t have to, they chose to and then they dare to sit on park benches out in the open where they can be seen and it offends you? Oh bloody dare they!

    Leave JEremy Corbyn alone not that you hurt him but you make yourself look like a school boy bully.

    It’s you who is discredited by your attacks on this man who has more honour in his little finger than you will ever have.

  3. Keep em coming Tories, you’re embarrassing yourselves, for every slating of Jeremy Corbyn, we’ll come back with something worse from a Tory, often the same hypocrite. People are starting to wise up to the right wing media, social media is the way forward, people can and often do research both sides of a story

  4. This is a load of rubbish. While Cameron and the others was stuffing there faces at our expense, Jeremy Corbyn was out with the veterans clapping them on, and speaking to them all. If the Tories and Blair wasn’t so war Happy, There would be no need to bow to as many, They would still be at home with there parents, or wife and families. So what right have you lot to take the higher high ground? Your bile is an Embarrassment to British people. You ought to go to spec savers.

  5. How in the name of God would anyone vote or even think of voting for this slime-ball. His place is surely in the gutter where he belongs, together with the rest of ultra-right wing Tories.

  6. This is another example of a ultra right wing bigot, if he ever got off his backside to
    meet real people, he might open his eyes and closed mind.

  7. The only embarrassment is the British right wing press attempt at belittling J C at every chance they get . The British are not stupid and can see through this disgusting behaviour

  8. John from Holland says:

    Michael Brown, with all due respect, a lot of British, in this case from Aldershot, are stupid. Why on earth would you vote for such a man. It’s not as if he turned ultra after the last election. Mind you, we have a lot of stupid/misled/ignorant/lowly schooled people in The Netherlands too; the result of which is that currently one third of the electorate is behind Geert Wilders, who’s as far right as you can get, only slightly falling short of fascism. I’m not saying that there aren’t any bullshit non-tories too. There are some bad ones everywhere (though percentage wise unscrupulous politicians are more common amongst tories) but at the heart of the matter is the outright stupidity, ignorance or whatever you may call it of the British electorate.

  9. At least afterwards Jeremy Corbyn stayed behind and and chatted with lots of the veteran’s, you don’t mention that do you, you snobby Tory git.

  10. JC chose to talk with those veterans, rather than associate himself with a bunch of so called VIP’s, who are nothing more than legal benefit cheats. Great respect to the man.

  11. Trouble is there is no surprise in the Tories continued attacks on Corbyn, no surprise in the transparent dishonesty of their statements about policies and no surprise in their determination to keep the wealthy “on side”. The surprise, and the tragedy, is that enough people voted them into a majority and may well do so again. It says as much about the voters as it does about Cameron and his board of directors and shareholders.Or cabinet and donors if you prefer.

  12. You might have also mentioned that this odious man wrote to a constituent telling him that Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” speech was right and that he voted against the same-sex marriage bill as the “aggressive homosexual community” would see it “as but a stepping stone to something even further”. What a disgrace to the human race this individual is.

  13. Lets start with honesty shall we,the Press/Media need to be honest not just making up stories to sell newspapers. JEREMY CORNYN stayed and watched the veterans match part and applauded. Where were the other leaders no where to be seenThis government talks about austerity and then you see six cases of Moet being delivered to no 11 while children the elderly and the disabled are penalized Now they want to penalise working people with cutting tax credits.
    In England they are trying to privatise the NHS through the back door and they said it would be safe in their hands
    To all politicians and government be honest
    You act on behalf of the people in this Country people who voted you in listen to what they say

  14. Andreas Hoberg says:

    oje, and people who are sitting in November on park benches are really an embarrassment.
    I cannot understand, that Adlershot, where so many low paid people living is in the hand of a Tory Tosser…it gets time for the labour party to win seats in the south west and Adlershot is one of the constituencies which shall be targeted.

  15. Tory’s are a bunch of murderers who should be in jail for all the deaths they have caused and more to come for cancer patients who can’t afford to go to Germany.hope all the Tory’s have cancer and die from it,as Germany’s hospitals will be full of patients from other countries.Did you give thought to that,NO of course not.

  16. This cretin is just voicing the thoughts of many in The Tory Party + their followers. I’ve told my family anyone who votes for a Tory whether it be to the local parish council or a local judging contest they’ll be disowned by me Oh I forgot to mention I was not long ago a Tory voter

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