Hot on the heels of embarrassing revelations that David Cameron had written to his local council complaining about the effects of his own cuts come letters to Cameron and Osborne from yet another Tory council complaining about the government’s austerity measures.

John Osman — the Conservative leader of Somerset County Council — has told Cameron that it was with “profound sadness” he was writing to object to the proposed reductions to local government budgets:

“The continuing impacts of austerity will affect Somerset County Council’s ability to deliver key services such as: – Children’s social care – Adults social care – Learning disabilities – Special Educational Needs students – Concessionary fares travel”

He also tells the prime minister that the public would not “accept a 30 per cent reduction in NHS or education funding”:

“Therefore we should not have to accept these damaging reductions to these key services”

Funny how Tories seem to only complain when they realise their own austerity measures are going to affect themselves — not just other people.


  1. Elena Pan-Sesar says:

    This week the lack of compassion and basic humanity of the prime minister and other members of this government have been highlighted yet again. Cameron has shown an astounding ability to compartmentalise and separate his own personal realty and that of ordinary people. This is almost to the degree of someone with a personality disorder! He had a disabled child and yet condemns our disabled children to more terrible suffering. He imposes punishing cuts on councils and then makes a personal complaint. I think he needs psychiatric help and is not fit to be our prime minister. He and his government are not fit to lead this country. The government should be dissolved and a general election called immediately.

  2. I want this incompetent irresponsible inhumane cruel PM, Chancellor & government out of power asap if not early, in the whole they are bad the country & it people especially disabled & poor

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