Vote Leave at Cameron speech Steve Baker inset

Tory infighting over the EU referendum kicked up a gear this morning — with co-chairman of the Conservative ‘leave’ faction effectively accusing his own party bosses of throwing resources behind the ‘remain’ campaign. Steve Baker MP writes to Lord Feldman:

“… we all want this referendum to be fought fairly and in a positive manner which does not create unnecessary division within our party …”

Conservatives for Britain (CfB) was cited as one of the “three main groups” supporting Vote Leave campaign when it launched last month. Indeed, Steve Baker himself has a Vote Leave logo on his Twitter profile picture.

Baker’s letter has 24 specific questions for Lord Feldman — so perhaps he’ll consider Scrapbook’s one:

Was forming a phoney company to infiltrate a conference with the express intention of … errrrr … disrupting a speech by David Cameron an example of a ‘fair and positive’ campaign ‘which does not cause unnecessary division within our party’?

Perhaps Baker can let us know.

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