Tom Watson is a Blairite, according to the National

Dubbed McPravda by its detractors, The National was launched a year ago this month to capitalise on the wave of nationalist sentiment unleashed by the Scottish independence referendum.

Despite being launched at an SNP event, the columnists aren’t all capital-N Nats either — including former Scottish Socialist Party MSP Carolyn Leckie. Her latest column may have passed unnoticed outside the ranks of regular readers …

“Principles are in short supply in the Blairite ranks of Labour”

… had it not been illustrated with a picture of, errrrr, Tom Watson.

Those — like Scrapbook — who might assume this is the work of a hapless subeditor rather than someone who is paid to write a political column in a national newspaper are disabused of this notion in the 11th paragraph:

“When Blair was in his heyday, Watson was a staunch Blairite.”

Yes, Tom Watson.

The bloke that led a coup against Tony Blair.

Blair/Brown coup splashes

  1. Ha, ha, ha you clearly don’t do irony do you, ‘Dubbed McPravda’ where as this site exists solely to support the red tories and do puff pieces on their behalf.

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