Donal Blaney

As the Conservative establishment work to prevent further damage in the wake of bullying claims against top aide Mark Clarke, his former drinking buddies are now queuing up to put the boot in.

Next up is Donal Blaney — the founder of radical right-wing ‘madrasa’ the Young Britons Foundation (YBF) currently fundraising to build a shrine to Margaret Thatcher — who accuses Clarke of ‘violently threatening him’:

“Mark Clarke is a menace. I find it surprising …. he is still a member of the Conservative Party. The party must show that it will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

“Like so many others who had dealings with Mark Clarke, I wish I had done more to stand up to him and I am sorry that I did not.

Indeed. Such was the enmity between the pair that Blaney — as the Zelo Street blog has spotted — gave Clarke an award for his … errrrr … “courage and leadership”:

“YBF reserves a special award, the Golden Dolphin, for those who merit particular admiration for their courage and leadership. This award, which is in the personal gift of YBF’s Founder, Donal Blaney … have so far only been awarded to: […]

“Mark Clarke, for his application of the principles he learned at YBF3 in his public life since and the pioneering success of Roadtrip2015.

With awards listed on the YBF website, here is what the page in question looked like two weeks ago and now:

YBF award for Mark Clarke

Clarke strongly denies wrongdoing and Blaney denies previous knowledge of any criminal wrongdoing.

Regardless, Scrapbook awards Donal Blaney the ‘Golden Bus’ award for this ruthless dispatch of his former friend.

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