Spare a thought for those poor people about to retire from a job in the City; worried about having a £500,000 pension with no mortgage, no kids, and a £350,000 house:

Hard times indeed for Telegraph readers.

Especially with all those six poor motorbikes to feed.

  1. I read as many newspapers as I can because that is the only way you can form any idea of what real news is – it is not fair to pigeonhole any person from one newspaper they read (your comments about The Telegraph) – actually The Guardian can be very bad when Labour are in power; and thats when you really want to read The Telegraph – it is about the depth and breadth of reading and talking to people – and absolutely common sense.

  2. £500,000 pension, you could do something spiritually fulfilling.
    Find yourself through helping yourself or better still, someone else, reach their potential.

  3. Seriously? An IT worker not exactly a banker or hedge fund operator. And his wife want to retire and not run out of their life savings is for mockery and derision? Is it a surprise they’ve saved up that much after a life without kids. But it will also not last forever

    This is just stirring up hatred for no reason….

  4. For goodness’ sake. This isn’t some fatcat banker worrying about how to spend a £500,000-a-year *pension*, it’s a London IT worker wondering how best to translate a £500,000 pension *pot* into a retirement income (a simple annuity being worth around £20,000 a year). Yes, plenty of people can only dream of having the same ‘problem’, but it’s hardly a tale of City excess and unbridled greed.

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